OWASSO—Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) recently honored Anthony Jordan as his time as executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) is concluding.

OBHC presented Jordan, his wife Polla and their daughter Alisha a plaque that will be on display at OBHC Owasso.

The plaque features the following message: “In recognition for his 22 years of service as Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma executive director-treasurer and his exemplary work in supporting the ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children, OBHC honored Anthony Jordan and his family at the OBHC Owasso campus for their unwavering dedication to serving the lives of children, both born and unborn.

“It was at OBHC Owasso where Dr. Jordan, wife Polla and son Adrian completed their family with the adoption of their daughter, Alisha. Their dream was fulfilled through OBHC’s adoption services. OBHC is privileged to be part of uniting the Jordan family.”

Jordan recalled the time he and his wife Polla adopted Alisha, remembering they were hoping to get a second child, after they adopted their son Adrian. They worked through OBHC for Alisha’s adoption process, and Jordan remembered what Alisha’s natural mother requested.

“She called the Baptist Children’s Home,” Jordan said of the birth mother, “and she chose for Alisha to go a Baptist preacher’s home, and she wanted (Alisha) to have another sibling. Those were her two requests.”

“I will forever be eternally thankful for Oklahoma Baptists for having a ministry to unborn children and their mothers,” Jordan said. “It’s so wonderful. Alisha has completed our family, and now she’s been serving in ministry for quite a while.”

Alisha previously served as student ministry associate at Oklahoma City, Quail Springs and is currently the associate director of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Central Oklahoma.