Contributing editor Ivan Mesa for the International Mission Board interviewed Valerie Shepard Elliot, who recently published a book on her parents Jim and Elisabeth Elliot titled “Devotedly: The Personal Letters and Love Story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.”

Jim is known for his attempt to evangelize an indigenous tribe in Ecuador, but he and his missionary friends were killed by the same natives of whom they were wanting to share the Gospel. Mesa pointed out this tragic experience is considered “a historic account that for generations has spurred on the modern missions movement.”

Elisabeth is known for her books “Through the Gates of Splendor” and “Shadow of the Almighty” as well as for mission work. Speaking about her mother, Valerie explained, “She shared my father’s story of working with four other men as missionaries to the Auca Indian tribe, when they were brutally murdered by the very people they were trying to reach with the Gospel.”

Mesa’s article also shared Valerie’s thoughts about her parents’ legacy. “Their story of sacrifice and devotion to God still strikes at the heart of one’s selfishness,” Valerie said. “That’s why, I believe, it has been and continues to be a powerful catalyst for calling Christian men and women to mission work.”

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