God truly has done a marvelous work in our state by making the performing of abortion unlawful, and in our nation with the United States Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision leading to the overturn of Roe vs Wade!  Sadly, in the words of Senator James Lankford, making abortion illegal does not make it unthinkable. In many other states, abortion sadly is still widely available for those overwhelmed with life circumstances and unprepared to parent.

Fortunately, Oklahoma Baptists are here and prepared to meet the need. Hope Pregnancy Center’s mission, “to help young men and women have hope and choose life in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy” continues to be the focus of this ministry. And Hope is growing!

By early 2023, there will be two additional Hope Pregnancy Center locations in Alva and Shawnee.  Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children has had ongoing ministry in northwest Oklahoma with the Hope support services of Empowered Parenting classes and the LifeWize program.  LifeWize is a six-week program in Alva and Cherokee middle and high schools that presents biblically-based principles. It helps students focus on their goals and future by teaching goal setting, decision making, sexual risk avoidance and the delay of sexual activity.  Hope will soon expand this ministry to include pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to Alva and the surrounding community.

Charity Lyon

Charity Lyon is the director of Northwest Ministries and the future pregnancy center. Hope is seeking a registered nurse or sonographer and support staff for the center. Additionally, volunteers are needed at Hope and in local schools for LifeWize. Charity can be reached at charity.lyon@obhc.org.

Like northwest Oklahoma, Pottawatomie County has been an unserved area for pregnancy center services with women having to drive 45 minutes to reach Hope’s south Oklahoma City center.  Shawnee, Aydelotte has recently added pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to their Engage Free Medical Clinic in northern Pottawatomie County and is open every second and fourth Tuesday and Thursday evenings of each month. Hope Pregnancy Center will be open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and will include parenting, fatherhood and abortion recovery programs. These ministries will be available to Pottawatomie, Lincoln and surrounding counties.

Dee Ann Schroyer

Dee Ann Schroyer is the director for the future center in Shawnee and is passionate about serving those who experience an unplanned pregnancy.

“For 18 years, I held a women’s Bible study in my home with ladies who became precious to me as we shared life and grew in Christ together,” she said. “I had grown up in church, served in the church and even taught Sunday School. Yet there was something deep inside me I could not share with them.  They knew I was carrying a deep shame because every Tuesday night during Bible study, I could not hold back my tears.

“While I had confessed my sin to the Lord, I had never forgiven myself. When I was 19 years old, I had an abortion. I was alone with a two-year-old from a previous relationship. The father of this child didn’t want to be a father, and I knew I couldn’t feed another mouth. In my silence and tears, I wanted to tell my friends but thought they would surely think I was a monster to have ended the life of my child.

“After many years of prayer and heartbreak, I finally accepted God’s mercy and grace. It was then I knew He wanted to use me as a witness to others by telling my story. He was calling me to help women and men make the decision to keep their precious gift of life by saving the unborn and their families from the destruction and regret of abortion. After more than 40 years, I said ‘OK, Lord, Your will be done. I am yours.’  Along with six Bible study sisters who have walked this journey with me, God has opened many doors, and soon Hope Pregnancy Center will be opening its doors in Shawnee.  Women facing an unplanned pregnancy, just like me, will be empowered to make an informed decision about their pregnancy, choose life and have the support of the Shawnee community encouraging them!

“Just like me, God may be asking you to get involved in showing the hope and the love of Christ to those facing an unplanned pregnancy in the Shawnee area.  Hope Pregnancy Center, Shawnee has staff and volunteer positions available.  Contact me at deeann.shroyer@obhc.org.”

Watch the progress of the Hope Pregnancy Centers in Alva and Shawnee by following us on Facebook: PartnersForHopeOK.

You can contact Holly or Monte Dean for more information on the Engage Free Medical Clinic at Shawnee, Aydelotte at preacherswifehld@gmail.com.

If you are like DeeAnn and have an abortion in your past, Hope offers Forgiven & Set Free Bible studies to help facilitate the healing and forgiveness our Lord so generously offers.  Classes are available across our state. All Hope services are free and confidential.  Visit obhc.org/hope/healing  for more information.

All of these developments are attributable to the Lord’s kindness and moving in our midst. Indeed, it is exciting to see Hope growing.