“At Oklahoma Baptist University, we equip the next generation of Future Shapers to live all of life, all for Jesus.”

We say this often at OBU. But what does it mean? What exactly is so exceptional about being a Future Shaper?

At OBU, we equip students in each of these vital aspects of their whole being.

Future Shapers have deep faith. As we work to renew the OBU campus following the tremendous damage caused by last year’s storm, we acknowledge that we are utterly dependent  upon  God.  While we recognize that the financial resources needed to rebuild our campus exceed our current capacity, we believe God has a plan for our future. We fully trust in Him and know our deep faith will fortify us as we follow His plan.

Future Shapers have full hearts and serve those in need. When we look out across our world, we see communities in need of people equipped and willing to serve their neighbors. As we recognize the rising demand for healthcare and mental health professionals, ethical business leaders and caring teachers, we have chosen to develop new academic pro- grams to meet these vital needs and serve our world.

In November, the OBU Board of Trustees approved new under- graduate programs in cybersecurity, actuarial and financial math, data science, family therapy, sport psychology, sports communication, creative media, art, Spanish and theatre education. Also, we will launch four new graduate healthcare programs (pending accreditation) over the next three years, including Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, Master of Science in Physician Associate Studies and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Future Shapers have strong hands. In the first months after the tornado, our students, employees and volunteers worked many long hours. We did this because we believe in what God has entrusted to us here on Bison Hill and in what He is doing here. As we work to rebuild and remodel our most critical buildings—Raley Chapel, Shawnee Hall, Thurmond Hall, Wood Science Building and our residence centers—we ask for you to continue to join hands with us to revitalize our campus in a manner of excellence that brings honor and glory to God.

And lastly, our Future Shapers have wise minds. They know how to navigate their world with wisdom and demonstrate a strong work ethic. They identify problems and under- stand how to solve them. These are the change agents who will shape the future.

Please continue to support OBU as we equip Future Shapers to impact the world around us for God and for good.

May God bless you and may God bless OBU!