At a church Bible study, Bopha Soeur,* a Southeast Asian missionary who partners with an IMB missionary, explained to the group the value of sharing how the Lord is working in their lives. Soeur emphasized how this can encourage others as well as acknowledge how God is at work.

God answers prayer for prodigal son in Southeast Asia - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma

National Partner—Bopha Soeur (name changed) listens to Bible study members share how God has been working in their lives. Soeur is a local Southeast Asian missionary who partners with an IMB missionary (IMB Photo).

Ary Chey,* one of the Bible study attendees, shared how God worked in her life through answered prayer. Chey said she’d been praying for her son, an alcoholic who often disappeared from home for long periods of time. When Chey began attending this church, her son was in trouble with the law. Her husband said if God performed a miracle and brought their son back, he would believe in Jesus.

“I’m holding him to it,” Chey thought.

God answered her prayer, their son was released, and he came back home, repentant. The Lord gave Chey boldness to share the gospel with her whole family, and they all accepted Christ. Chey also shared the gospel with her uncle who lives in Thailand, and his entire family committed their lives to Christ.

Many members of the Bible study group have been interceding for their family members to come to faith. They said hearing how the Lord answered Chey’s prayer encouraged them to not give up.

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*Names changed