Praise God! Abortion is illegal in Oklahoma!  What a mighty work our Lord has done! As we celebrate legislation that makes abortion UNLAWFUL in our state, we are working and praying for abortion to become UNTHINKABLE.

Sadly, the law does not change the culture or the hearts of those seeking abortion. As long as abortion is available and legal in other states, large corporations are paying abortion travel expenses and online abortion pills are easily accessible, women will seek these options—and Oklahoma Baptists will be there, providing life-affirming options and walking alongside them through and beyond their pregnancy.

There were 3,797 children aborted in Oklahoma in 2021. Chemical abortion, the abortion pill, comprised 60 percent of those abortions. Mail order abortions are illegal in Oklahoma but readily available online.

Women are ordering pills from unmonitored sources and taking them without seeing a doctor or having an ultrasound to verify the pregnancy. They are having these abortions in their home, with no medical follow up. If they experience problems, they are told to go the emergency room and say they are having a miscarriage.

Women and men who choose abortion are often reacting to their emotions and temporary circumstances instead of taking time to think through their options. Eighty-two percent of women who see their child on ultrasound choose life.

Pregnancy center services are needed now more than ever. Individuals and church partners are needed to help share hope for the future, life affirming options and practical support. There are 40 evangelical pregnancy centers in Oklahoma. These frontline warriors in the battle for life need the church, you, to partner with your local pregnancy center to reach those considering abortion, so they can hear the hope of Christ and choose life for their children.

How can you help?

PRAY. Ask God to lead women and men to pregnancy centers as their first choice before scheduling an out-of-state abortion or ordering the abortion pill.

Pray for wisdom in placing the message of life-affirming options and the services of pregnancy centers in places to reach those considering abortion. Pray for hearts to be softened to the truth and hope of the Gospel.

Pray for God’s protection and wisdom. Following the leak that the U.S. Supreme Court would rule to overturn Roe v. Wade, several pregnancy centers across the nation experienced vandalism and protests. National pro-abortion groups are organizing nationwide protests at pregnancy centers when the final opinion is announced.

SERVE. Pregnancy Centers are mostly volunteer staffed. Medical volunteers are needed to administer pregnancy tests and answer medical questions.

Men and women are needed to share truth and hope with women and couples overwhelmed with unintended pregnancies. Mentors are needed to facilitate parenting classes.

Churches are needed to mentor and disciple young families, including single parent families and cohabitating couples seeking support and truth.

GIVE. Pregnancy Centers depend on the generosity of local churches and individuals.

The crisis of an unintended pregnancy can turn from panic to joyful anticipation when women and men hear and respond to the truth of the Gospel and when they learn they are not alone. The church and your help has never been needed more than now.

It is now unlawful to have an abortion in Oklahoma. The church can be the major influence in making abortion unthinkable. How can you lead your church to build a culture of life and help achieve the goal of making abortion unthinkable? Teach the truth about the Sanctity of Human Life and abortion.

Be informed on Oklahoma laws, the needs of the pregnancy center in your community and how women will obtain abortions. Speak openly in your church about the hope and help your church and local pregnancy center can provide.

An opportunity to obtain resources on these topics and tips for sharing them with the church is at the Oklahoma Pregnancy Resource Network’s conference on Aug. 12 at Oklahoma City, Southern Hills (Visit for more information).

Encourage your church members to support their local pregnancy resource center as volunteers and financially.

Speak boldly in truth and love while recognizing the fear that drives those considering abortion and encourage grace, Christ’s love, and information on where to find help.