God is for us refuge and strength, help in troubles, readily available.

Therefore, we are not afraid when earth changes.

Stop and acknowledge that I am God; I will be high among the nations,

I will be high in the earth” (Psalm 46:1-2a, 10)

This psalm of trust does not fit the regular categories of a praise psalm, a thanksgiving psalm or even a prayer psalm. As a psalm of trust, it speaks big truths about God amid overwhelming and surging trouble. This song speaks to not only troubles in general, but a present crisis in the lives of God’s people causing them to fear.

This psalm declares great truths about God upon which worshipers can base their confidence, and it assumes these truths need to be heeded by the nations. Encouragingly, it reminds of God’s proven trustworthiness. What matters is not whether we simply have faith but whether we have faith in Someone who is trustworthy.

As a strong refuge, God is our means of help in times of trouble and is totally available.  God is always there. All we must do is run into His refuge. My friends, as arenas and convention centers around our nation close, God’s House and Presence are open.

“Do not be afraid” is a common prophetic/pastoral exhortation in all of Scripture for those who are afraid of situations. The earth might seem the epitome of stability and unchangeableness, but what if it changes? Where do we find our stability and sense of security then?

God is our unchanging refuge and source of strength. When our predictable becomes unpredictable He is still the One who never changes. When apparently secure entities such as the earth and the mountains turn out to be less secure than we thought, the City of God does not fall. The city is secure not because of its natural strength or its walls but because God helps it, at the turning of the morning.

Here is how God’s protection works out.  We are to stop asserting ourselves, behaving like the sea pointlessly hurling ourselves against the land that we are never going to overwhelm. God urges us to stop fighting aggressively on our own or even at all. Stop trying to look after our own destiny, protection and future. Acknowledge that God is God and therefore that God is our refuge and stronghold. He is our Help and our Haven.

Psalm 94:19, says “In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul.” In our busy, anxious, perplexing thoughts that continually war against our souls, His comforts will delight and encourage your soul. Trust and Stop!

Anthony Scott serves as president of the Oklahoma Missionary Baptist State Convention and vice president of the Western Region of the National Baptist Convention, USA.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This editorial originally was featured in the Oklahoma Eagle