Oklahoma Baptists continue to thrive on the frontlines of ministry across the state. So many are answering the call to this amazing #gospeladventure, taking a stand and boldly sharing the Gospel here, there and everywhere. Recently, I had a first-hand look at one of our most important Gospel pursuits: Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children and Hope Pregnancy Centers.

I challenge you to dig into these critical ministries of Oklahoma Baptists led by Greg McNeese. These leaders are standing strong in that spiritual battle for some of the most vulnerable across our state. These ministries are boldly sharing the Gospel, working to save the lives of the unborn and bringing a Rom. 15:13 kind of hope to families in crisis.

Right now, take a moment to read Rom. 15:13. How is your life overflowing with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit?

I want to report to you that these two ministries are advancing the Gospel and working valiantly to rescue the precious lives of families in crisis. We have credible, competent and Spirit-filled leaders literally saving lives every day.

For example, on my tour of The Hope Pregnancy Center in Tulsa, I saw firsthand how our leaders are boldly and tenderly helping young women discover the blessing of life in their womb. Even though a pregnancy may be unintended from our human viewpoint, God is sovereignly at work through EVERY LIFE in EVERY WOMB. Honestly, I have seen this play out beautifully in my own family.

I am the youngest of five children growing up in a Baptist deacon’s home in south Oklahoma City. When I was 5, my sister, as a high school senior, informed our family of an unintended pregnancy. My five-year-old eyes felt a sense of pride that I would be the only uncle in my kindergarten class. As I got older, I grew to understand the crisis presented for everyone connected to this situation.

Even though abortion was a legal option at the time in our country, God used His Word to shape the heart and mind of my sister. Of course, this pregnancy was unintended. Still, Angie trusted the Lord and leaned into the many resources God provided. Our family experienced how God’s people came alongside us to help every step of the way.

The truth is, God ALWAYS provides, even when our situations look bleak and impossible. God is ALWAYS faithful to redeem, restore and work in those unexpected circumstances.

My sister chose life, and the impact of that decision has blessed our family beyond description. By the end of my kindergarten year, Skyler Lane Parker was born. He was a healthy, left-handed baby boy who grew up to be a godly man continuing to impact the Kingdom of God and bring real help to people in need in Oklahoma.

Skyler grew up next door to me graduating from Moore High School. He went to Oklahoma Baptist University, learning both Spanish and Portuguese. He served as an International Mission Board missionary to Spain and served with a church plant in Phoenix and Las Vegas. He formerly ran the Regional Food Bank’s Food & Resource Center and now is serving as assistant vice president of the City Rescue Mission in downtown Oklahoma City. While he is on the front lines of restoration ministry in Oklahoma City, he also is a faithful member of Moore, Elevate.

I am so very proud of my sister and nephew. The thought of missing out on the life of Skyler Parker instantly brings tears to my eyes. With that thought in mind, I thank the Lord for the ministries of the Baptist Children’s Home and Hope Pregnancy Centers.

They are helping young women every day recognize the amazing future that awaits them. Join me in praying for these leaders, and may we never forget our calling to keep these leaders on these frontlines of ministry.

Could I ask you to do two things right now?

  • Will you take a moment to pray for these leaders as they work to end abortion and bring real hope to families in crisis?
  • Will you take out your phone and set a reminder on your birthday to donate to this critical ministry?