DAVIS—The lineup of weekly speakers at Falls Creek Youth Camp this summer features both new speakers and regular favorites. Todd Sanders, Falls Creek program director, is excited about all of this year’s Falls Creek speakers, knowing they will preach Gospel-focused messages.

“For our preachers, Falls Creek is unique in that we have a very specific mission to reach lost students,” Sanders said. “We aim the evening services to feed believers, but we are also calling to the Gospel. The preachers will give a clear Gospel presentation, a clear call to salvation and bring students to a point of making a decision.”

Seven speakers are on the list. Three will be speaking for the first time, while four will be returning to Falls Creek, but Sanders knows all of the speakers will be effective in connecting with campers.

“Worship times are a highlight of camp for students and adults alike,” he said. “Evening worship services are one of the things students rate as most impactful, and youth camp this summer should reflect what I call the hallmark ministry at Falls Creek Youth Camp—Gospel presentation, Gospel invitation, unapologetic spiritual focus, focusing on Christ.”

Zack Randles

Week One—June 7-11
Zack Randles
Pastor of Washington, D.C., Waterfront

Zack Randles will be preaching for the first time at Falls Creek, but he has spoken at other Oklahoma Baptists events, including The Call Conference and the first Send Oklahoma Network gathering, which happened earlier this year.

The founding pastor of Washington, D.C. Waterfront, Randles has Oklahoma ties, as he attended Oklahoma State University and has a passion for church planters.

“(Zack) preaches with passion and has heart for taking the Gospel to needed places,” Sanders said.

Randy Kendrix

Week Two—June 14-18
Randy Kendrix
Pastor of Madill, First

Randy Kendrix has years of youth ministry ties. This will be his first time to preach at Falls Creek.  He has been pastor of Madill, First since 2013.

“Randy is an evangelistic speaker, and he knows how to relate to students with his background in youth ministry,” Sanders said.

Shane Pruitt

Week Three—June 21-25
Week Seven—July 19-23
Shane Pruitt
NAMB National Next Gen Evangelism Director

Shane Pruitt first appeared at Falls Creek in 2019. After serving as director of evangelism for Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, he is currently serving with the North American Mission Board as the Next Gen evangelism director. Pruitt will be making two appearances at Falls Creek this summer for Week Three and Week Seven.

“Shane is another passionate speaker who knows how to connect with students,” Sanders said. “He has done a lot of speaking opportunities with us outside of Falls Creek, including the Advance Conference and YEC (Youth Evangelism Conference). He is one of the most genuine people you could ever meet. He is a good partner in ministry.”

Jeff Wallace

Week Four—June 28-July 2
Jeff Wallace
Executive Director of Lift Tour and Youth Pastor Summit

Jeff Wallace has preached at Falls Creek previously, but it has been a few years since his return this summer. Currently, he serves as executive director of Lift Tour and Youth Pastor Summit, programs that are a part of Student Leadership University, a faith-based, leadership-training program for students.

“Jeff is a frequent youth camp speaker and a favorite communicator among students,” Sanders said. “He spent 23 years in church student ministry, and he is an energetic, exciting speaker.”

Wade Morris

Week Five—July 5-9
Wade Morris
Evangelist, Founder of Wade Morris Ministries

Wade Moore makes regular appearances at Falls Creek. A full-time evangelist, he speaks all across the country sharing the Gospel.

“Wade really understands youth ministry and youth camp environments,” Sanders said. “He is an effective communicator when it comes to ‘casting the net and drawing students in’ with an evangelistic message.”

Heath Tucker

Week Six—July 12-16
Heath Tucker
Pastor of Edmond, Waterloo Road

This will be Heath Tucker’s first time to speak at Falls Creek Youth Camp. He recently became the pastor of Edmond, Waterloo Road, after serving at Skiatook, First.

“Heath is one of the young Oklahoma pastors who understands the church dynamic,” Sanders said. “He is an effective leader and will bring a clear message every night.”

Ed Newton

Week Eight—July 26-30
Ed Newton
Pastor of San Antonio, Texas, Community Bible

Ed Newton has spoken many years at Falls Creek and is considered an all-time favorite camp speaker. After serving in full-time evangelism, Newton has been serving the past couple of years as a pastor in San Antonio.

“When kids hear that Ed is preaching, they get excited,” Sanders said. “He makes a connection in a unique way with students. He also is a very evangelistic communicator and knows how to present the Gospel. He loves Falls Creek and has been a part of our camp family for a long time.”

Worship Bands at Falls Creek

Six worship bands will be leading times of worship through music during the Falls Creek evening services. Robertson will lead off the first two weeks of camp, followed by Logan Walters Band in Week Three.

Common Worship will be leading worship in Week Four, with Bailey Byers serving Weeks Five and Six. Cody Dunbar, a regular worship leader at Falls Creek, will be at Week Seven, and Phil Vega, who leads worship at Ed Newton’s church, will be the final worship band at Week Eight.

“We want bands who have skilled musicians and worship leaders, but they understand the local church,” Sanders said. “All the bands this summer have a grasp of working in the church and are leading congregations in worship.”

For more information visit skopos.org/fallscreek.