All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

Falls Creek Youth Camp offers numerous opportunities to deepen faith—including times of solitude in the Word.

Many people have stories of significant, life-altering moments associated with a week of camp at Falls Creek. It is a beautiful thing to see the Holy Spirit touch hearts, change lives, save souls and grow people in Christlikeness.

Life transformation and spiritual growth have always been, and continue to be, primary aims of Falls Creek Youth Camp. Investment opportunities to deepen faith abound in the numerous options available to students and leaders while on grounds. The daily schedule provides times of solitude, group Bible study, corporate worship and study, prayer emphases and equipping opportunities.

Student breakouts and growth opportunities cover subject matter in three areas—spiritual life and disciplines, life application and current cultural topics. These targeted sessions range in topic from basic discipleship for new believers and preparation for emerging ministry leaders to biblical overviews and leadership development. Breakouts, which are ever-growing in popularity with campers, reinforce spiritual disciplines and provide an environment for maturity.

Students at Falls Creek have access to learn about many mission opportunities.

In addition to breakouts, churches receive daily content centered on the summer theme. Content is offered in a number of formats to help suit the needs in engaging their group in spiritual development. This year at Falls Creek, youth will explore the character and nature of God by looking at God’s Glory. While exploring Rom. 11:33-36, students will study the depth, sufficiency and eternality of God.

In addition with the traditional, spiritual anchors of daily corporate worship services and morning Bible studies, missions education and mobilization provide even more moments of growth for students and adults. Three mission venues provide information and immediate obedience opportunities. Summer staffers at these venues connect with students to pray for the nations and help students consider how the Lord might use them to advance the Gospel around the world—here, near and far.

Students also have access to representatives from the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board to hear about longer-term and perhaps even career mission opportunities through Southern Baptist mission entities. As always, mission-sending receives a significant spotlight at Falls Creek.

Students are not the only benefactors of development opportunities at camp. Adults can even get into the spiritual growth conversation as they are able to engage in prayer, practical training and spiritual encouragement each week. This weekly adult leadership investment is another example of the great attention given to develop people spiritually at Falls Creek.

What a privilege, as Oklahoma Baptists, to see God call people to salvation, obedience and ministry service year after year. What a blessing to be part of the continuing work God does during Falls Creek Youth Camp. Pray for the summer of 2021. Ask God for earthly and eternal impact through the many spiritual growth opportunities provided.