FALLS CREEK, Oklahoma–In response to infrastructure challenges from the massive rainfall in the area, Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center today announced that campers will be released early from Week 3 of Falls Creek.

Brian Hobbs, spokesman for Falls Creek said, “Our leaders have carefully surveyed the campgrounds. Although Falls Creek waters are receding and facilities have been unaffected, the rising Washita River is affecting our ability to provide the desired level of basic infrastructure services, such as maintenance and trash service. So we are releasing camp at this time and discontinuing programming as of today, June 18, for the remainder of week 3.”

All churches connected to Falls Creek during Week 3 have been notified and are making plans for the early departure.

“All the campers are safe, and no one is at risk, as we take this precautionary step. We are assessing infrastructure to determine how future weeks of camps will be affected.”

For more information about Falls Creek, visit www.fallscreek.org