“You can call it House of Healing, nana!” Kylie said after listening to her nana, Kathy Boeckman, explain what God had called her to do. It wouldn’t be long after the conversation with her granddaughter that House of Healing for the Teenage Soul would grow from Boeckman’s calling, to a reality. The facility would become a safe place where teen girls between the ages of 13 and 17 could come and begin the healing process emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

While House of Healing’s story began in November 2006, with excitement and hope, Boeckman’s personal story began from the time she was young with fear and loss. Boeckman grew up in an aggressive and abusive environment as a child. She saw a false portrayal of the church and of God through her stepfather, who served as a deacon, yet continually abused Boeckman. She recalls a time, despite her negative view of the church, that the Lord spoke to her 8-year-old heart and called her to salvation.

Her salvation calling was sure, but for Boeckman, anger grew as the Lord seemed to turn his face away from her hurt and pain. She fell into a wayward lifestyle, ever pushing

Four girls from House of Healing take part in the equestrian program.

the Spirit away. By the age of twelve she began smoking and drinking. In tenth grade she dropped out of high school and sunk deeper and deeper into substance abuse. To her, life became a fight full of anger and wandering.

Before long, Boeckman had become an alcoholic, drug abusing, single mom of one. This, so she thought, was her identity- it defined who she was. That is, until someone prayed for her. While Boeckman struggled to survive, the unlikeliest of all people began interceding to the Father on her behalf.

Her ex-husband’s great grandmother, grandma Lina, not only prayed for her, but also implored her pastor to pray for her as well. Not long after the pastor began praying, he found himself on Boeckman’s front porch with his wife. They stood there talking with Boeckman for a while as they spoke truth into her life and showed her the Gospel through love.

This front porch conversation quickly became the springboard for Boeckman’s relationship with the Lord. She recognized Jesus not only as her Savior, but also her loving Father. She quit substance abuse immediately and surrendered her life to the Lord. Over time, her anger turned to forgiveness and her selfishness turned to surrender.

A life of surrender has led Boeckman to many amazing places and ministries. In 2005, Boeckman felt the Lord say two simple words to her: “Do more.“ She wasn’t sure what “doing more” would look like for her, all she knew was that if the Lord would provide then she was onboard. Soon God inspired a vision in Boeckman that resulted in a ministry called House of Healing for the Teenage Soul.

Currently located on Britton road North of Yukon, House of Healing provides a safe and isolated haven for teenage girls to assure their identity in Christ as well as learn leadership, kindness and service. The facility has served girls from Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Anadarko, Oklahoma City and Edmond. House of Healing plans to extend the audience they serve, as Boeckman’s vision is for the ministry to ultimately progress to a residential facility.

Be it a one-on-one mentorship, an equine program or a family relationship-building class, House of Healing has developed multiple ways to offer healing to teen girls and their families for the sake of the Gospel. Boeckman is currently exploring and implementing the new vision God has given her in regards to the future of House of Healing, which includes residential outreach. Those interested in volunteering at House of Healing should visit www.house-of-healing.org, or contact Kathy Boeckman by phone: 405/434-3723 or email: Kathy@house-of-healing.org.

Surrendering her life, family and efforts over to the Lord, He grew Boeckman to have a heart for healing. God continues to use Boeckman to bring healing to the hearts of girls across Oklahoma and beyond, Simply because she answered a call from the Lord, to “Do more.”