It is hard to imagine that another summer is coming to a close and in just a few days school will start again. Families are scrambling to fit last minute vacation plans before the normalcy of the school year calls them back to the regular scheduled bed-times, and the early morning rush of getting out the door to a busy day. 

At the church, the start of the school year has become symbolic with the start of a new Sunday School year when the children and students “promote” and occasionally a few adults will venture to the new class that is only ten years behind their actual age. 

For the BGCO Equipping Team, the start of the new school year is synonymous with training events across the state for those who lead those groups. This August will be no different as we partner with associations across the state to provide training for those who lead every age group. A focus of the training will be on the next aspect of the 3×3 emphasis of ReConnect Sunday School called #Share72.

#Share72 will begin Sunday morning, September 10, and take place for the 72 hours following that Sunday morning service. This is the Sunday that many churches have a “back to church” emphasis as the unofficial end of summer. The challenge is a simple one that, if taken by even a small percentage of church members, could revolutionize the church and the community. It is a challenge for everyone present that morning to share the Gospel one time in the 72 hours that follow. If this challenge is accepted it would mean thousands of Gospel conversations taking place across the state of Oklahoma. The potential for #Share72 is amazing, the challenge is simple, but the key will be our preparation and prayer. 

In order to maximize the impact of #Share72, resources have been developed and training opportunities are being provided. Every pastor in the state has received an introductory packet with a letter explaining the emphasis, and a copy of each of the resources. There is a Pastor’s Quick Start Guide in the packet that answers many of the questions about the emphasis and provides suggestions for church involvement. The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) is partnering with associations across the state in regional training conferences in the month of August where #Share72 will be further explained.  The list of conference dates and locations is being published in the Baptist Messenger and is available at I would encourage you to find the clinic that is closest to you and take a group from your church to participate in this training opportunity.

While resources and training are important, we know that ultimately the impact of #Share72 will depend on the work of the Lord. We believe that it is crucial for the church to be actively praying for the lost and praying that God would stir the hearts of the church to share the Gospel. I believe the words of Matt. 9:37-38, “The harvest is abundant but laborers are few.” We need to be obedient to the call of God’s Word to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers. I want to challenge you starting August 9 at 9:38 am in praying Matt. 9:38 for your church. #Share72 is simply a strategy to call the people of God to be obedient with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.