A unique and exciting resource has been released for the enhancement of Lord’s Suppers.

The book by Gregory Frizzell, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma prayer and spiritual awakening specialist, is titled The Lord’s Supper: A Covenant of Love and Surrender. Though virtually every church in the world conducts Lord’s Suppers, little has been written to deepen believers’ experience of this vital Christian ordinance. Through The Lord’s Supper, churches discover a variety of fresh ways to experience communion in patterns fully worthy of the Savior.

Lords-Supper-CoverThough the Lord’s Supper is the one ordinance with grave warnings for its abuse, it is little more than a routine in many churches. In a way that is balanced and biblical, The Lord’s Supper church-wide journey helps believers examine their hearts and re-experience first love passion for Jesus.

“But well beyond heart preparation, the church-wide journey greatly deepens believers’ love for Christ, fellowship with other Christians and a passion to spread Christ’s Gospel,” Frizzell said. “In essence, this tool is designed to help facilitate a church-wide journey in biblical revival. While of course the main purpose is remembering and honoring Jesus, there is also a powerful impact of restored unity and recommitment to Christ’s Lordship.  This process has a unique capacity to bring healing and reconciliation to damaged relationships.”

Though believers experience much deeper understanding of the Lord’s Suppers glorious meaning, the tool is not just a book “about” communion.  It is a relational journey believers pray through to greater experience God’s glory and grace. And rather than being a rigid program, this flexible resource can be used in two-, four- or six-week patterns.

It is also designed to provide rich material for preaching and teaching. Church members can use their book again and again in a variety of succeeding Lord’s Supper observances. The book is modestly priced with special discounts for large quantity orders.

“An especially powerful use is in the weeks leading up to Easter. Since most churches do Lord’s Suppers in these months, this is a tremendous time to deepen believers’ understanding and experience of God’s presence,” Frizzell added. “The Lord’s Supper is a resource for facilitating deeper unity, restored passion and revival among God’s people.

“In light of the awesome glory of the Savior, Lord’s Suppers should never become a routine. At last, there is a tool to help churches embrace Lord’s Suppers truly worthy of Jesus.”

The cost of the book is normally $5 but will be discounted for $3 per copy, plus shipping, until Easter, 2014. For information on obtaining this tool, contact the BGCO Office of Prayer and Spiritual Awakening at 405/942-3000, ext. 4517.