Oklahoma Baptists, let’s ask God for 3,000 students to be saved at Falls Creek this summer.

The Bible consistently challenges us to ask. Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Matt. 7:7). Asking expresses our humility and our faith in God. Asking also clarifies the desires of our hearts. What do we want the Lord to do for us? Let’s ask Him.

Todd Sanders is the program director for the eight weeks of youth summer camp at Falls Creek. He recently wrote, “Nothing eternally good or worthwhile happens in life, and certainly not through the ministry of Falls Creek Youth Camp, without the moving of the Holy Spirit.” We need to hit our knees this spring and ask for an extraordinary move of the Holy Spirit at Falls Creek in the summer of 2021. Father, give us 3,000 professions of faith!

It was heartbreaking—gut wrenching—to see the summer of 2020 pass without Falls Creek Youth Camps. The Lord’s work in those eight weeks of camp impacts the lives of students in ways that bears fruit around the world and strengthens our churches for a generation. Would our Father give us now an extraordinarily fruitful summer to follow the “drought” of 2020?

Southern Baptists are striving to turn a corner when it comes to baptizing teenagers. Across our nation, we have seen a disappointing decline in the number of 12 to 17 year olds coming to faith in Jesus Christ. More than half of our churches go year after year without baptizing a single student. Would God begin a fresh new student revival this summer at Falls Creek? Our Falls Creek Summer Youth Camps could lead the way in the turnaround of this decline. Let’s ask God for 3,000 life-changing encounters with Christ at Falls Creek this summer!

On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, in private devotions and public worship, in prayer rooms, at church altars and on the way to work—let’s ask Him. Let’s keep on asking. I believe our Heavenly Father will delight to give us this good gift.

Oklahoma Baptists, let’s ask God for 3,000 students to be saved at Falls Creek this summer.

Father, we ask you to exalt the Name of Jesus as Your Holy Spirit moves with power to draw 3,000 students to profess their faith in Jesus this summer at Falls Creek. Bless the preaching of Your Word, bring a clear strong Gospel invitation night after night, move with power in each cabin and conversation. Use the preachers, youth pastors, sponsors, cooks, staff and even students to bring lost teenagers to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Let the angels in heaven rejoice and Big Bertha, the bell at Falls Creek, ring 3,000 times this summer. O Father, give us 3,000 souls this summer at Falls Creek.