Like it or not, we are participants, and is some cases victims, of the information age. Our senses are bombarded daily with thousands of unsolicited messages. Long gone are the days when smoke signals were utilized to communicate to the masses. It wasn’t too long ago that radio and television were considered cutting-edge technology. Today the Internet has become the king of communications.

Staying in touch has never been easier or faster. With a simple click of a button, conversations are engaged simultaneously around the globe. Navigating time zones is the hardest part. When to hold the conversation becomes the challenge. What is morning for one is the dark of night for another. Nonetheless, thoughts and ideas are shared at the speed of light as the Earth is aglow in discussion.

Many online communicators turn to social networks, online communities, message boards and blogs for interaction with others. Recognizing this growing communications tool, many savvy Christian organizations are exploring new ways to tap into the electronic grapevine. is just one example of how Southern Baptists, through the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, are seeking to be culturally relevant while remaining biblically faithful. As an interactive Web site, seeks to provide visitors with an opportunity to sound off and engage others in lively discussions regarding a variety of issues, topics and concerns as they relate to a biblical worldview.

The purpose of is to encourage others to make a difference, teach others regarding critical issues, discuss almost anything and to serve as a source of inspiration. The Web site describes the Christian faith as a spiritual journey, a journey that need not be traveled alone. introduces visitors to the journey of King Josiah. His journey of faith led him through a time in which his people suffered under the burden of a great spiritual need. God lay before him the opportunity to reclaim his nation’s spiritual and moral heritage. Josiah was confronted with the need to make a decision-follow God or follow men.

While we may not live as royalty, God does present us with the same opportunity to reclaim our nation’s spiritual and moral heritage. Will we follow God or follow men?

The Web site indicates that Josiah’s courage was exemplified in his willingness to act. His life challenges us to ponder how involved, if at all, we will be in restoring America’s spiritual and moral foundation. Josiah’s legacy invites Christians to walk the road he traveled, to learn from his faith and to apply the principles for cultural renewal that he employed.

The question we each must answer is: Will I continue my journey on Josiah’s Road? A great journey of faith lies ahead. Those who walk Josiah’s Road walk the path that Jesus Himself walked, that the great saints of God have walked, that humble men and women of faith have trod in every generation. This is a road traveled by those who understand that God’s call to sacrificial faith includes an obligation to bring the Truth of the Gospel to bear on the things of man and to bring all things into the Light.

It is time for Southern Baptists and other like-minded believers to meet up on Josiah’s road. Visit today. Together we can change the world.