My apologies for not offering a DHD last week. Last Friday, I had oral surgery in the morning. I thought I would have been able to offer my usual commentary on six timely topics that afternoon, but I just wasn’t able to function mentally like I thought I could. I guess the pain meds had a factor.

But I’m back this week, ready to start Labor Day weekend! Let’s get to it!

  1. Another Zylstra masterpiece

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra wrote about what is happening in Minneapolis since the George Floyd death. The angle she took is fantastic, pointing out that one of the most popular pastors and Christian authors lives in the area where Floyd’s death was nearby.

Check out “Riots in John Piper’s Neighborhood.”

As I have bragged in the past about Zylstra’s writing, this article is prime example of how unique and enjoyable her articles are. Nobody covers the great detail of Evangelical Christian ministry that Zylstra does.

This piece should stir your heart, even convict you for being involved in ministry, embracing brokenness for the sake of the Gospel.

  1. Mohler ‘spot on’ about LU’s situation

If you are a regular DHD reader, you know how much I respect Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky. You also may know (or not know) I am a graduate of Liberty University and a former employee.

This week on his daily podcast The Briefing, Mohler addressed the removal of Jerry Falwell, Jr., who was LU’s president and chancellor. I confess, I was nervous when I noticed Mohler took on this hot topic.

After hearing this edition of The Briefing, I can tell you that Mohler gave the best assessment I have heard. It is accurate and excellent.

As someone who does not have full experience with Liberty, Mohler’s presentation, especially his mentioning of LU’s founding history, was impressive. I appreciated his depiction of Jerry Falwell, Sr., which was fair and respectful. Falwell, Sr. is someone I admired. I had a fair amount of opportunity to observe him in many different settings, and I found him to be a great Christian leader who was kind, giving and followed biblical teachings. He was very personable with everyone, including those who were considered adversarial.

I did not have experience around Falwell, Jr. I do have friends who still work at Liberty, and since I have spent the last 21 years away from the school (like 1,200 miles away), I choose to refrain from making public comments. But I am in agreement with Mohler’s conclusions.

  1. Oklahoma Baptist DR doing the work

Hurricane Laura made her presence known last week in Louisiana and nearby regions. It is always expected that the Disaster Relief ministry of Southern Baptists is on the call and ready to help in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) volunteers are in Lake Charles, La. this week. I spoke with Don Williams, Oklahoma DR director, yesterday, and he told me 60 DR volunteers are stationed at Lake Charles, La. Moss Bluff, working at the church to prepare meals and to receive work orders.

Williams said they have received 75 work orders, and 15 of those orders were completed within a day. He also said they are preparing 5,000 meals (2,500 lunches and 2,500 dinners) each day.

If you would like to know more about DR work, visit

Keep praying for those in Louisiana. Many are without power and water, and this may be the status for weeks, if not months.

  1. COVID Lemonade

Mark Dance shared his perspective of making COVID lemonade in his recent column “How are pastors really doing?”

Mark is an encourager. I appreciate him being involved with Oklahoma Baptists.

  1. Thunder thoughts

The Oklahoma City Thunder season ended this week. It was a close Game 7 battle against Houston.

I couldn’t be more proud of this squad. They well exceeded many expectations, and I believe this team has great potential in the coming seasons.

Yes, there are questions. Does Chris Paul stay? Does Billy Donovan remain the coach? Who else returns? Who else may be gone?

I feel good about the future of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Darius Bazley and Lu Dort with the Thunder. I confess, I am disappointed with Steven Adams’ performance in the series against Houston, but he remains a fan favorite. Can the Big Kiwi improve? I hope so but feel uncertain.

I also feel good about Sam Presti and believe he will come up with some monster moves for next season. We shall see!

  1. Vin Scully is back!

I wanted to end on a “feel-good” story. Vin Scully, longtime sports announcer most notably with calling Los Angeles Dodgers games, has reappeared after retiring four years ago.

At 92, Scully is going to try social media, including Twitter and Instagram. He’s more advanced than I am, not that it takes much.

Scully was my dad’s favorite announcer. I once said that Scully could call a needlepoint contest, and my dad would tune in and hold on every word that came out of Scully’s mouth.

Check out this L.A. Times article that explains Scully jumping into social media. If you have a fondness for Scully, you might tear up reading it, like I did.