Thanks for reading this week’s DHD! I’m covering six various timely topics that involve politics, Christian life and the Oklahoma City Thunder—because that’s what interest me.

Hope you enjoy!

  1. Reluctant Trump supporters

Andrew Walker wrote a lengthy piece for National Review titled “Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump.” I could commit a whole DHD offering takeaways from this article. It explains how I feel and view the current political landscape.

First and foremost, I made a commitment to God that I would never vote for a political candidate who supports abortion. I will not do it, regardless of political party. In the 2016 presidential election, I decided to “Leave It Blank.” I wasn’t convinced that Donald Trump was a pro-life candidate. However, for this year’s presidential election, I intend to vote for President Trump. He now has a proven record of supporting the Sanctity of Life.

However, as Walker shares, conservative Christians who identify as reluctant Trump supporters will vote for President Trump not because he is “the savior of American Christianity. At best, he is a bed of nails on the road, temporarily halting secularism’s advance.”

I also identify with Walker’s friend Steve in the article. You should understand if you read it.

Like I said, there’s much to take away from Walker’s article, but I’ll conclude with this excerpt:

“Here’s my plea from one religious conservative to other religious conservatives in 2020. If the majority of us vote for Trump, let’s do so not because he’s a Protector of the Faith or a champion for ‘taking America back.’ He’s neither. Instead, view him as a flawed, complex political figure whose admixture of vanity and pragmatism is resulting in a political agenda that is less hostile to Christianity than its alternatives.”

  1. 5 godly work habits

Justin Early replied to someone who was seeking advice on how to honor God in the work place. Check out his article “5 Habits to Practice the Presence of God at Work.” These are great tips that are practical and very doable for the work routine.

“The beautiful fact of work is this: God is with us. None of these habits changes that reality; they’re simply a few ways to lean into the reality that has been freely, graciously given—God is with you at work.”

  1. Relentless Love

For my quite time devotions this morning, I was reading “Experiencing God Day by Day” by Henry and Richard Blackaby. I find it fitting that on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, they wrote about love, particularly “relentless love.”

By the way, I prefer the term “relentless love” more so than “reckless love,” but that’s just my thought.

Blackaby wrote about Hosea taking Gomer the prostitute as his wife. It’s a great summary of the Old Testament prophet’s life.

“Despite the intense pain and hurt that Gomer had inflicted on him, Hosea was told by God to forgive her and to pay any price to bring her back into his home.”

God’s love is completely different from ours, Blackaby shared. God continues to pursue us even when we run from Him.

For my morning prayer, I wrote “Dear God, help me to grow in the understanding of Your love and be able to share it with others.”

  1. Richt to speak for NAMB’s ‘Send Relief’

Former University of Georgia football coach Mark Richt will become a spokesperson for the North American Mission Board’s Send Relief ministry. This was announced yesterday.

Richt has been open about his Christian faith. I remember he appeared in the Christian movie “Facing the Giants.”

Also, Richt will be one of the speakers at this year’s Men’s Rewired weekend, April 24-25, at Falls Creek. Visit Men’s Rewired website for more information.

  1. Adams amazing long shot

I’m still excited about last night’s Thunder win against the New Orleans Pelicans. One of the best highlights was Steven Adams’ buzzer beating shot before halftime. The Big Kiwi pulled off one of the most incredible flings to make that basket.

First of all, it was one handed. Secondly, this tells how monstrous of a man he is, because he flung that basketball like it was a wad of paper going into a trashcan.



If you haven’t been paying attention to the Oklahoma City Thunder, you have missed out on a lot of fun games.

  1. Mohler on Valentine’s Day

I conclude this week’s DHD with Albert Mohler’s commentary from today’s edition of The Briefing.

Mohler shares how, on Valentine’s Day, love is understood by Christians, which is “God is love” (1 John 4:8).

“Christians understand that that love does not come from nowhere. Its source in the one true God. Its beginning is in the intra-Trinitarian love of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit for each other. It then is in the love of God for the creation that He has made. It is in the love of God for fallen sinners through Jesus Christ, His Son whom He loves. And yes, it is romantic love that should point to the holiness and the rightness of marriage as instituted by God.”