I’m sorry for no DHD last week. The explanation is I did not have a topic or topics to which to discuss. Basically, I came up blank.

However, for this week, I opted for featuring six timely topics. Thanks for reading!

  1. A snake in your house?

Ryan Smith has been a longtime blogger for WordSlingers. He shared a blog this week titled “There’s still a snake in your house.”

Ryan offers guidance to families having to chart through an ever-changing society. There’s a lot in our culture that has become accepted that would seem to be against biblical teaching. Ryan’s instructions can be helpful, and though he doesn’t say this directly, it would be best for impressionable minds to hear about an issue from a Christian worldview than from a world that is becoming more and more anti-Christian.

  1. Be aware of abortion drugs

I have steered from most political discussions this year. Basically, politics have discouraged me. People have discouraged me with how they have handled political discussions, so I’ve decided to take a step back, pray and hope God can provide better directions for how to unite our country in one of the most divisive times we have ever experienced.

However, there are a few issues related to politics that I will continue to address. I believe the most important issue is the Sanctity of Human Life. I appreciate those who continue to address this issue in the appropriate and most God-honoring way, and specifically with the concern of abortion.

Many states are tackling the abortion issue in a powerful manner. I especially appreciate Texas and Mississippi for leading the charge.

I also appreciate the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) for rightly informing a great concern even with the uprising of states taking a proper stance against abortion. Catherine Parks wrote an important piece for ERLC titled “Explainer: Companies provide abortion drugs in light of state restrictions.”

It would be important for you to be aware of this extremely harmful practice, especially the increased risk to mothers and the organization Aid Access, which provides abortion drugs through the mail, even in states with strong abortion restrictions.

Definitely read under the subhead “How Christians should respond” in Park’s article. Her conclusion is excellent:

“And more than anything else, we need to live out the words of our Savior, who taught us how to care for and serve one another in love, lifting up the brokenhearted and caring for the poor and needy. It’s the love He offers and the Good News of eternal life through Him that will provide the hope women in crisis truly need.”

  1. Mohler on Katie Couric

My first awareness of a recent book by Katie Couric, well-known media member who became famous as an anchor on NBC’s Today show, was through listening to Albert Mohler’s The Briefing. This shouldn’t be a surprise, especially to those who have read DHD previously, as I am a frequent listener to The Briefing.

Mohler discussed Couric’s book in last Friday’s edition of The Briefing. He doesn’t offer earth-shattering information in his commentary, but it is important that Mohler gives strong evidence of the disappointing relationship between the media elite and liberal politicians.

I don’t think the mainstream media holds nearly the influence it used to, but it still has influence. Couric admitted in her book that she edited out strong commentary offered during an interview by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about recent opposition to the national anthem.

Mohler is totally correct in his conclusions about “the symbiotic relationship between the press and the political elite.”

“Now just imagine, and let’s just state this as fairly as we can,” Mohler said. “Had this been a conservative justice or a conservative political figure, would that protective instinct have existed? Would the same decision be made? It is actually extremely difficult—and I’m stating this very carefully—it’s actually extremely difficult, nearly implausible to believe, that the same decision would’ve been made. And, what’s really interesting from the perspective of journalistic ethics and morality is that Katie Couric admitted that she made this decision to protect the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

  1. Mohler addressing listener’s questions

A new feature on Fridays with The Briefing is Mohler addressing questions from listeners. This is where Mohler is at his best, specifically giving commentary on what is directly concerning Christians about current issues.

In the same edition last Friday, Mohler answered a question a mother had about her daughters pursuing careers and having families. His response is excellent, as expected, but I truly appreciate his final remark: “a society too busy to have children, too busy to invest in those children adequately, is a society too busy to survive.”

  1. About Scripture memory

I’m a big fan of Scripture memory. My dad was known for being able to quote many Bible verses, even late in life, and it is one of his traits I admired most.

I read a recent article that could help you with memorizing Scripture.

Check out “How to memorize Scripture: the diary of a struggling memorizer” by Y Bonesteele. Her thoughts can be relatable, and her best tip to Scripture memory is great: 1. Make it priority, 2. Find someone who will memorize with you, 3. Write it, sing it, read it, repeat it.

  1. Thunder thoughts

It’s another rebuilding year for the Oklahoma City Thunder. I’m not planning to say a lot about the Thunder, but if you had the chance to watch the Thunder’s recent matchup against the Lakers, it was a fun one.

Yes, Russ is now with the Lakers, and for the most part, I’m happy for him. He’s home and is playing for a team that has a good chance for an NBA title. I will continue to root for him.

As far as how Russ acted at the end of the game the other night, I’m not surprised. In some ways, he had a point that Darius Bazley should not have scored in the final seconds but should’ve dribbled out. Did Russ need to make such a scene and get ejected? No, but like I said, it’s no surprise.

Berry Tramel gives a great perspective in his column about Westbrook and the Thunder’s performance against the Lakers. It made me laugh.