I hope you’re having a Good Good Friday (see what I did there?).

Since it is Good Friday, and of course, this day is significant for remembering the actual day of the crucifixion of Jesus—when He paid the penalty once and for all for the sins of all people (1 Pet. 2:24)—I also wanted to share “feel good” stories I’ve recently experienced. Most of them were this week.

Please take time this weekend, whether in person or virtually, to meet with a body of Christ and remember to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is risen indeed!

  1. Elsie, sole resident in America’s smallest town

Thank you to my friend Julie McGowan for sharing a really cool story about 87-year-old Elsie Eiler, who is the only resident in Monowi, Neb.

“One-Horse Town” is an excellent read. Keiran Dahl gave perfect details about the mayor and sole proprietor of Monowi Tavern, the only business in town.

I was so fascinated by the article, I now want to go visit Elsie and have one of her burgers.

  1. Kara and Nate visit Elsie

After reading about Elsie, I discovered on YouTube that video-bloggers Kara and Nate paid her a visit. And this was my introduction to Kara and Nate who are traveling across the country in a campervan.

Here’s the video of Kara and Nate visiting Elsie and touring Monowi:

The vlogging couple have also visited Oklahoma, and here’s that video:


I’ve recently got into watching traveling vlogging, so I’m planning to check out more of Kara and Nate’s work.

  1. What BCM students want you to know

Chris Forbes wrote an excellent, informative article about BCM students in Oklahoma. And these students would like for you to know about them.

Check out Forbes’ piece “Six things BCM students want you to know about them.”

  1. Find out about Lu Dort

This is a “feel-good” moment for Thunder fans. Lu Dort is definitely one of my favorite current Thunder players, and his story of going undrafted to being a starter on an NBA team in his second year is totally cool.

Check out his time before the Thunder, growing up in Montreal:

  1. Bobby Kelly talks about Easter meals

OBU Bible professor and favorite Oklahoma Baptist teacher/preacher Bobby Kelly gives a great analogy of Jesus in the Easter season, along with some of his favorite meal memories.

Check out “Bible Q&A: Easter Meals: Nourishment for hungry souls”

  1. Longtime church revived during COVID-19

There’s a lot of “feel-good” stories of churches enduring and even thriving during the pandemic. The Baptist Messenger will be sharing soon about such churches in upcoming editions.

Here’s a great story told by Lonnie Wilkey, editor of Tennessee Baptists’ Baptist and Reflector, titled “COVID-19 gives new life to 70-year-old church.”