For the next three weeks, I’m going to review three videos that report on the Edna McMillan Oklahoma State Missions Offering (SMO).

Oklahoma Baptists promote SMO every September, which funds many ministries across the state. Some you may be familiar with; others you may be delighted to learn of their importance.

My review this week is on the video titled “Crisis Care.” You can watch this video below:

  1. Baptist Collegiate Ministries

If you are a regular DHD reader, first of all, thank you for reading! Secondly, you may have read the DHD I wrote in January titled “Six reasons why I appreciate BCM.”

I won’t recap all that I wrote seven months ago, but this video gives a snippet on the importance of BCMs across the state and beyond. College students need a Christian influence on their campuses, now more than ever. If you watched the video, you saw and heard a few examples of the value of BCM, especially how BCM has been instrumental in future church leaders, especially full-time ministers, who are serving in Oklahoma Baptist churches and other ministries and mission work.

SMO contributes to BCM work across Oklahoma.

  1. Disaster Relief

Next to Falls Creek, Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) may be the most familiar ministry work done by Oklahoma Baptists. The video showed a snippet of DR work, through a trip to Louisiana.

Though it focuses on college students, these young people weren’t the only ones who made the trek down to Baton Rouge last year. There were many trained DR volunteers who worked for many weeks on the flooding damage in that area, and they shared the Gospel with many who were affected.

SMO makes it possible for college students to go to areas that experience major disasters and serve alongside the great people who are DR volunteers.

  1. Ian Robinson

I love Ian’s story! I wrote about him in my January BCM DHD, and the video was a great reminder of how much I appreciate his testimony. Through the video, you hear from him directly. His story is the story of thousands of who party often during their college years.

Praise God for changing the narrative in Ian’s life! And now he is working at the BCM at Oklahoma State University, encouraging students to let God do a similar work in their lives.

  1. Cris Lowery

I’ve known Cris Lowery for many years and have a great appreciation for his influence on young adults. He is in the right role, encouraging BCM directors and church leaders who work with college students and young professionals. He has a great knack for communicating with the next generation, and this video allowed him to give a brief synopsis of his leadership, as well as his passion. I especially appreciate when Cris almost got emotional in the video.

  1. Joe Ligon

Joe will be making a regular appearance in these SMO videos. Since he is currently the head man of Oklahoma Baptists (interim executive director-treasurer of Oklahoma Baptists), it makes sense to tap into his influence to promote SMO.

Joe is a great communicator. He has a humor that people embrace. He shows himself to be more serious in this video, but I’m sure there were some funny moments during the video’s production.

I’ll say more about Joe in other videos.

  1. Excellent detail and timing

All of the SMO are well produced. The details in this video is great, especially with the presentation of the flooding in Baton Rouge. Everyone is familiar with that annoying sound that comes over the radio, announcing severe weather. I even appreciate the effectiveness of that annoyance in the video.

Great scenes of the students doing clean-up work on the DR trip. I love the photos of the BCM teams, and the video does a great job of connecting both great ministries of BCM and DR.

Next week, I’ll give a review about the “Church Revitalization” video. If you want to look at all the SMO videos, visit and scroll down to view them, as well as an overview video.

Share these videos with your church groups and encourage your church leaders to show them in promotion to the SMO Week of Prayer, Sept. 5-12.