We’re still in a pandemic. Have you gotten used to your stay-at-home conditions that we’ve observed for the past month and a half?

Here in Oklahoma we began Phase 2 today. Wedding and funerals can now occur with 10 or fewer people in attendance. I didn’t see much else of a major difference from Phase 1, but I’m glad to see progress. I’m sure you are too.

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  1. Wax and the 3 Bs

Trevin Wax has a great piece on how churches should reconsider how they measure success. The three Bs he addresses are the common measurements that churches use—bodies, buildings and budgets.

What Wax proposes is churches should focus on different metrics that emphasizes discipleship, missions and ministry. Basically, figure out ways for church attendees to take the next step. Attendees should consider joining the church. Members should find ways to be more active in the church, and regular members should become more involved in lay leadership, such as teachers, youth leaders or serving in other ways, including outreach and evangelism.

It’s a good article for both church staff and church members.

  1. Churches returning to in-person services

It’s happening! More and more churches are finding ways to meet together on Sundays.

If it’s true that “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” then I’m hoping more and more churches will find members and others attending their upcoming services. There could be a lot of positives happening as a result of the pandemic, and one of them could be many returning to church.

This week, I wrote about Del City, First Southern having a worship service in a football stadium. When I heard about First Southern doing this, I immediately recalled the Starlight Crusades this church hosted during the summertime years ago.

I was excited for Pastor Keith Burkhart and his staff, as 500 people attended last Sunday in the stadium.

Baptist Messenger has reported other church services, including Wynnewood, First having an in-person Mother’s Day service.

  1. Five Supreme Court cases

Joe Carter gives a great summary of five Supreme Court cases that involve religious liberty. Check out “The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About 5 Pending Supreme Court Cases.”

All of these cases are important. One in particular that has my curiosity is Harris Funeral Home v. EEOC. Can a business owner be required to keep an employee who experiences a “sex reassignment”? I welcome your thoughts after reading the details of the case.

  1. Stetzer on Darrin Patrick

I have mentioned Ed Stetzer in many DHDs. He is a great Christian leader who is a voice of reason and helps me understand difficult issues. This week he wrote about the death of a pastor who led a large church in the St. Louis area named Darrin Patrick.

Personally, I’m not familiar with Patrick, but his name showed up in a few news sources, reporting his death. Stetzer gives a great tribute and communicates well about this pastor, especially since his death, which was declared to be from “a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” was rather disturbing.

Even when I’m not familiar with a topic, Stetzer still encourages me.

  1. Garry Marshall Special

Karen and I found a great treasure of a TV show last Tuesday night. ABC showed “The Happy Days of Garry Marshall,” and this two-hour special could not have come at a better time for us.

Garry Marshall made a lot of popular TV shows (Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, etc.) and movies (Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, Beaches, Princess Diaries, etc.). I grew up watching Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, and I thought it was so fitting that ABC ran this special on Tuesday night, since that was the night these shows of my childhood originally aired.

I don’t know if this special will reappear or is available through On Demand or other communication sources, but if you have memories of any of these Marshall productions, I’m certain you would enjoy it.

By the way, Laverne & Shirley is rather underrated as one of the funniest shows ever. When this special showed highlights, Karen and I laughed so hard.

If you want a more professional review of “The Happy Days of Garry Marshall,” check out this one from Hollywood Reporter.

  1. My church’s choir virtual performance

I conclude on a great performance by the Quail Springs Baptist Church virtual choir. You may have seen other choirs do this, and I enjoy watching these virtual performances. I mostly appreciate the song itself.