While Walker Moore will continue to write his weekly column for the Baptist Messenger into the future, the beloved Oklahoma Baptist missionary recently announced his retirement from his role as president of Awe Star Ministries.

Awe Star is the Tulsa-based, internationally-renown non-profit organization that helps countless thousands of students go on mission trips. As the founder and president of Awe Star, Walker did not merely lead this exemplary organization; he led it with Christ-like love and sacrifice, over the last 25-plus years.

On Facebook, Walker recently said, “I chose this day August 9 to retire because it was five years ago as I carried the cross up Mount Kilimanjaro that the Lord spoke to me about laying this ministry down.”

He continued, “After 25 + years (19,200 days exactly) of leading students around the world, I am now officially retired. I am looking forward to a new season of serving others. I am going to take a little rest and enjoy my wife and grandkids. But today I hang up the crown that I have worn around the world. Awe Star is in good hands, and I know that the days ahead are bright. But as for me…it is finished.”

The “good hands” to which Walker passes Awe Star, of course, means his successor, Peggy Nunley, who has been with the organization for years. But it could also mean God’s hands, that have been upon this flourishing ministry through the years.

Upon announcing his retirement, Awe Star alumni and supporters gave an outpouring of support to Walker and his lovely wife Cathy and their family. On behalf of Baptist Messenger readers, I want to add our voice to this.

Walker, congratulations and God’s blessings on your retirement from Awe Star! We, your family of Messenger readers, know that the “Jesus Ministry” (a term Walker himself coined) will continue strong into the future.

While we know you best from your Messenger columns, through your stories and writings, we each feel like we know you personally, as well. We love your heart for the lost. We love your boldness in sharing Jesus wherever you go. We appreciate your humor, your fervent prayer and your wisdom. We admire how you have mentored and trained up a generation.

Truly God has enabled you to build up an entire generation of mission-minded Christians, all while you never missed a single article deadline. That’s no small feat!

As I recently stated in the foreword to Walker’s latest book, he is a combination of the admirable qualities we see in noteworthy men like Paul Harvey, Billy Graham, Will Rogers and “Forrest Gump.” Let me explain.

Like Paul Harvey, Walker Moore is a master storyteller who engages the heart of his readers. Like Dr. Graham, Walker has shared the Gospel personally and in large settings with fire and passion.
Like Will Rogers, Walker displays an amazing and unforgettable sense of humor. His wit and wisdom are the most remarkable I have seen. And like a super-smart version of the movie character “Forrest Gump,” God seems to place Walker in the midst of incredible moments and circumstances, where he makes a lasting impact.

While this chapter of his ministry career at Awe Star comes to a close, we know the impact is lasting—and eternal. On behalf of the Baptist Messenger family, Walker, congratulations on your retirement.

And may God continue to bless your continued Messenger writings, your family and your many future “Jesus Ministry” endeavors, for the glory of Christ!
(Eph. 3:20-21)