With Black Friday upon us, Oklahomans are trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends. Looking at a catalogue, I saw you now can order a robotic pet, which promises all the fun of a puppy without any of the messes. I saw, too, you can order a vintage PacMan game for someone’s “man cave.”

As alternative to these, may I suggest that, for young and old, you consider giving a book this Christmas? The gift of good reading does wonders for the mind, after all. “The U.S. Department of Education found that, generally, the more students read for fun on their own time, the higher their reading scores.”

Reading is also good for the soul, especially when you are talking about The Good Book. A recent study showed that young people who read their Bibles at least four times a week were more likely to engage in good behaviors—like prayer and evangelism. Those who did not read their Bibles at least four times a week were likely to engage in destructive behavior.

To take an idea of my favorite writer, C.S. Lewis, there are two ways of enjoying a topic, just as there are two ways of enjoying a foreign country. The first is for you to go to that country and engage with the people, places and culture. The second way it to read about it. Books, therefore, have a way of transporting us to different times and places.

In 2017, a place very near to the heart of Oklahoma Baptists—Falls Creek—will celebrate its 100th year. Each summer, tens of thousands of students and sponsors gather at this hallowed ground to hear from God and continue to be blessed.

For many people, some of their most cherished memories happened at Falls Creek, as either a camper or sponsor. In recognition and celebrate this century of God’s goodness at Falls Creek, a new coffee table book has been produced by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO).

Called 100 Years of Falls Creek: A Legacy of Faith, this 120-page, hardback, full-color book is full of photos and stories that will stir the hearts of any reader. The book (which is on sale now at www.fallscreek.org/book or by calling 405/942-3000 ext. 4376) is only $25 and would make the perfect Christmas gift for a family member or friend.

The book, which was authored by former Baptist Messenger Assoc. Editor Dana Williamson and designed by award-winning graphics artist Rick Boyd, is beautiful to look upon. This book also has been endorsed by many notable Oklahoma Baptists, including Anthony Jordan, John Bisagno, Hance Dilbeck, Tom Elliff, Willa Ruth Garlow, Bill Green, Andy Harrison and James Lankford.

Many Oklahoma Baptists travel to Falls Creek each summer and participate in the mighty outpouring of God. This book, though, offers a way to travel in the past legacy of Falls Creek and give God the praise for what He has done through Falls Creek. This kind of book blesses the heart in ways words cannot express.

While a toy robot pet may provide a few thrills and laughs, a timeless book like 100 Years of Falls Creek will provide nearly endless blessings to those who look upon it. Order your copy today and give the Christmas gift that will keep on blessing.