Every Sunday, thousands of people will gather at their local Baptist church to worship the Lord, hear God’s Word preached, pray, connect in fellowship, and be sent on mission.

These people also will participate in an act of worship that goes all the way back to the New Testament times—worship through giving.

The Bible uses the Greek word “koinonia” to refer to fellowship. In Rom. 15:26, the Apostle Paul uses that same word to describe believers coming together in giving for an offering, “For Macedonia and Achaia have been pleased to make some contribution for the poor among the saints at Jerusalem.” That’s a powerful truth to consider.

Each year, Oklahoma Baptist churches come together in fellowship to participate in the Edna McMillan Oklahoma State Missions Offering. These are churches of all sizes, backgrounds, geographic locations, and demographics all coming together for a shared purpose: to worship Jesus and to advance the Gospel.

According to research, some 60 percent of Oklahoma is unchurched, which represents more than 2 million people. God has called us to reach the lost and to share the hope and love of Jesus. When you give to the State Missions Offering, you are supporting vital ministry and missions happening right here in Oklahoma; this helps reach many lost people for Christ with the Gospel.

These vital missions and ministries include Disaster Relief, reaching displaced refugees with the hope of Christ, coming alongside churches in need of revitalization and reaching unreached people groups in our state like the Deaf population.

I want to ask if you would join me in giving toward the Edna McMillan Oklahoma State Missions Offering. It will take gifts of all sizes, and all of us coming together to reach our statewide goal of $1.2 million.

Please join me in praying for this important Oklahoma Baptists offering, and please take time to visit our website oklahomabaptists.org/smo to view videos and see how your church can pray, promote and participate in this offering.

I’m grateful to the Lord for each one of you, as we advance the Gospel together.