The month of October is Pastor Appreciation Month. As we near the end of October, perhaps you or your church have already done something special to recognize your pastor (and church staff). If not, I hope you will consider doing something that shows your appreciation for him and all that he does to serve your church. Here are some quick reasons why you should appreciate your pastor (and staff).

He works long hours and may even work more than one job. He carries out the weighty responsibility of teaching the Word every Sunday and providing godly counsel in complex situations others face. He leads the ministry and vision of the church. He balances the challenging demands of work with family. He makes calls, visits in hospitals and nursing homes and evangelistic visits.

He does difficult things many people would find daunting at the least: preaching, doing funerals, walking with people through some of their most difficult/painful moments in life, making no-win decisions, being placed in between conflict among members and expected to pick a side and bear the brunt of criticisms, complaints and expectations of church members with patience and grace. And most pastors do all this while being paid modest salaries.

With all of that in mind, here are some quick ways you can show appreciation to your pastor (and staff):

  • Call or write a note specifically thanking him for a few things he does exceptionally well. Many times the only reason a pastor gets a call or note is for something negative.
  • Give him a gift you know he would use/appreciate that fits a hobby or interest of his (golf balls, apparel of his favorite team, etc.)
  • Send him and his wife on a date night and cover the cost of the date and the babysitting.
  • Give him some time off in addition to his vacation time.
  • Share some meaningful things you’ve recently learned from his sermons.
  • Give his wife and kids gifts; they sense and bear the burden ministry can many times bring.
  • Coordinate a good number of people to write cards of encouragement and throw in some gift cards.
  • Give him a basket of his favorite drinks/snacks.
  • Make an appreciation post about him on social media.

Being a pastor can be difficult, but most pastors will tell you it’s rewarding and is not seen as a job but a calling. They do not do what they do for accolades or compliments, and they won’t ask to receive them, but they do appreciate being appreciated!

If you haven’t done something to appreciate your pastor and church staff, how about doing so now?

One last word—I hope you will make plans to join us November 14-15 for the Oklahoma Baptists’ Annual Meeting at Mustang, First. The theme this year is “Anchored” and will focus on our commitment to the essential foundation of the Word of God and will be a celebration of the many things God is doing among Oklahoma Baptists. Hope to see you there!