CADDO—Every December, Caddo, First hosts an event called “Christmas Around the World.”

Each Sunday School class prepares a booth to represent a nation where Southern Baptists have missionaries through the International Mission Board. The classes prepare information boards, pictures and foods for their own booth.

The event drew 40 people on Sunday night Dec. 11 to read stories, see pictures and try foods from each country.  This event is organized by the Ladies Sunday School Class and is led by Diane Horton.

“We have missed this so much since the first year of COVID (cancelled the event), and we are excited to have this focus event back this year,” said Jeff Self, pastor of Caddo, First. “It’s great to focus one evening to just tell the stories of our missionaries, raise support for them and pray for the Gospel to continue to be proclaimed!”

Self reported that Caddo, First more than doubled their Lottie Moon Missions Offering Goal this year.