For 33 years, I have served in Oklahoma Baptist churches. The last four years have taught me much more about churches across Oklahoma. I have always appreciated the associations with which my church was affiliated. There are 39 associations of churches in Oklahoma. I am honored to work with seven of them. In the Northwest region of Oklahoma, there are seven associations.

Let me brag about each of them. The Panhandle Association of more than 20 churches consists of all three counties in the Panhandle. This faithful, consistent group of churches calls the rest of us “downstaters.” They love their area, their towns, and they love the Gospel. They unapologetically keep the main thing of winning people to Christ the priority. You will not hear
many complaints from these people as their churches press on with the Gospel.

Metro Baptist Network in the Oklahoma City area has more than 150 churches. They have more than 130 languages in the area. From downtown, which has several thriving churches, to large churches in the suburbs, they are diverse in methodology, but have the priority of sharing the Gospel. The population of towns such as Luther, Arcadia, Jones and Piedmont are swelling with more people needing the Gospel.

Central Association has more than 30 churches. Most of these churches are long-term churches. These churches prioritize the Gospel, going around the world as well as in their own towns. God’s Word is prioritized. Ministering to youth and children is prioritized. Their pastors ask questions that help you arrive at the right biblical conclusions. They love helping their fellow churches.

Salt Fork Association is the smallest association with eight churches. Yet, they work together to assist many ministries and the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM). They strongly believe in camps and associational involvement, and their affiliated churches care for each other in a healthy way.

Kay Association in North central Oklahoma has 20 churches. With many new pastors serving in their association, there is a new, fresh breeze of eagerness. There are diverse churches here and a vital BCM in Tonkawa.

Cherokee Strip Association is focused on new church starts and mission emphasis is prioritized. With many new, young pastors in almost 35 churches supporting the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) BCM, both long-term churches and new churches are seeing steady growth. There are many one-Baptist-church towns in this area, and most of them are taking seriously the responsibility to share the Gospel.

Finally, churches in Northwest Association in the Woodward area are known as churches that support each other. Healthy pastoral meetings on Tuesdays bring up ways to tangibly help other churches. Their camp is healthy and making a difference, and churches from large to small prioritize caring for each other. These seven associations, joining with 32 more, contain 1,700 affiliate churches and, together, we are OKLAHOMA BAPTISTS.