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Guest Editorial: Rob Bell and liberal theology, part 2

(Editor’s Note: This is the conclusion (Part 2) of Southern Seminary President Al Mohler’s comments on Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins. Part 1 appeared in the April 7 Baptist Messenger.) LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)—He (Bell) also argues for a form of universal salvation. Once again, his statements are more suggestive than declarative, but he clearly intends his reader to be persuaded that it is possible—even probable—that those who resist, reject...

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Guest Editorial: Rob Bell and liberal theology, part 1

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)—The novelist Saul Bellow once remarked that being a prophet is nice work if you can get it. The only problem, he suggested, is that sooner or later a prophet has to speak of God, and at that point, the prophet has to speak clearly. In other words, the prophet will have to speak with specificity about who God is, and at that point, the options narrow. For the last 20 years or so, a movement identified as emerging...

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First Person: Mission and Metropolis: The church and the city

Evangelicals now face the great challenge of these massive Western cities, filled with populations marked by great diversity in terms of ethnicity, language, worldview and culture. Thankfully, there are standout examples of faithful church planting and ministry in many of these cities, but the populations remain overwhelmingly secular and unevangelized. The human future is an urban future. In one of the greatest social shifts of all...

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