“Are you ready for Christmas?” I can’t tell you how many times I heard that in late November and all through December just a few weeks ago. I know we are beyond the holiday season, but in full confession, I think I asked that question to people a few times myself.

What do I think people meant when they asked if I was ready for Christmas? For that matter, what did I mean? I would suggest most people meant “do you have all your shopping done… do you have all the lights up… do you still have more work to do, or can you relax and enjoy the season?”

Not unlike Linus explaining to Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas, I had to stop and ponder the question on a deeper level.  Am I fully prepared to embrace all that Christmas truly represents?  Am I going to be ready to receive the message given to those shepherds more than 2000 years ago?  “Unto you this day… a Savior is born…”

Every year when December rolls around, am I preparing my heart to celebrate that which I claim is the most important thing in my life and even try to convince others it should be the most important in theirs?

You see the trappings of Christmas can be just that… a trap—if we let them. For God so loved the world—He made Christmas.  Next time, will you really be ready?