DAVIS—Ada, First’s new $5 million cabin at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center is just a heap of cement, stone, metal and wood, said pastor Pat Kilby at the dedication of the facility, April 25.

“That is,” added Kilby, “if it doesn’t have purpose. If we don’t see God and what He is going to do here, it’s just a heap.”

The dedication of the 27,000-plus-square-foot, three-story cabin nestled in the curve of a mountain, was attended by about 200 members of Ada, First, plus guests, on a windy, but sunny Sunday afternoon.
Kilby emphasized that the new facility is a place to go and get some rest.

“The stress of living life, the stress of family can cause us to run out of fuel,” he commented, telling the story of a private plane that crashed in Iowa simply because it ran out of fuel. “Getting alone with God can be refreshing.”

He said the purpose for the cabin is to provide a place where people can rest and deepen their relationships with the living God and family members—where they can separate themselves from the busyness of life.

“Rest also means transformation,” Kilby pointed out. “We want to become more like Christ. We pray everyone will leave here different than when they came.”

But, Kilby declared, it’s also to be a place of fun. He noted that behind the cabin are tetherball, volleyball and basketball courts.

Kilby said there are three things he wants members of his church to remember.

“Be thankful,” he said. “We didn’t do this by ourselves. Be humble. God hates pride. We will not be arrogant about this building. And be expectant. Expect God to do great things.”

Although Anthony L. Jordan, executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, could not be present for the ceremonies because of a commitment in the Panhandle, he sent a letter, which was read by Falls Creek Director James Swain.

“This cabin is a welcome addition to Falls Creek in the same way as the tabernacle,” Jordan wrote. “It reflects the glory and majesty of the Lord. You have set a standard for cabin owners.”

Swain noted the partnership Falls Creek has with Oklahoma Southern Baptist churches, which “invest mightily in what happens here.”

“You are just a portion of those who will enjoy what you’ve done,” Swain said. “Above all, God is going to receive honor and glory from what takes place in this building.”

Bruce Cowart, chairman of the Falls Creek special building committee, said for him, the process was actually longer than the 22 months it took to build the cabin.

“In April 2006, I had the idea to expand the old cabin to accommodate 150 people,” he said. “I’m a pretty big thinker, but I couldn’t imagine anything this big. God was in it 100 percent of the way. We had a literal mountain to remove. We chipped away at that mountain for three months.”

Cowart emphasized that “we are not going to worship this building, but we are going to wear it out for Jesus.”
To get to the building, you have to cross a bridge over the creek. Inside, on the first floor, are seven motel rooms with private baths, which accommodate eight-10 people each, a full kitchen, dining room, great room and stage area.

Dormitories are located on the second floor, and the third floor contains four more motel rooms. Sleeping capacity is 232.

For information on renting the facility, contact Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center.