DAVIS—The 2021 summer camps season in Oklahoma will commence with Associational Children’s Camp (ACC) starting at the end of May, marking the first time summer camps have been able to meet at Falls Creek Conference Center since 2019.

ACC’s theme is ‘I AM’ based on the seven ‘I am’ statements of Jesus.

ACC is a unique camp designed for children who’ve completed 3rd-6th grade that meets at Falls Creek in Davis. The 2021 ACC will be the last week of May into the first week of June, prior to the beginning of 2021 Falls Creek’ youth camps. Session 1 of ACC is May 30-June 2; Session 2 is June 2-5.

Matt Spann, mission strategist for Cherokee Strip Association, said he sees 2021 ACC as a promising occasion for Gospel advance.

“ACC is a great opportunity for elementary children to hear the Gospel communicated in a way they can understand, by folks who love working with kids,” Spann said. “Every year we see several hundred children trust Christ for salvation; plus many make other kinds of spiritual decisions.”

Fifteen Oklahoma Baptist associations coordinate ACC, which is available to churches from any association. ACC consists of daily morning and evening worship sessions, worship through music, camp activities and more. Campers do not have to be members of a church to attend, but must come with a church group.

For 2021, the ACC camp speaker is Steve Winger, who has been called “A Juggler for Jesus.” In addition, program elements include special features by Zack Potts, a camp missionary, musical worship with the Kingfisher, First Worship Band and Ken Bartholomew serving as ACC children’s choir director.

MissionFest at ACC allows campers to connect with missionaries.

ACC offers the popular afternoon recreation activities, such as swimming, volleyball and more. According to Spann, ACC also will feature a MissionFest event, “where boys and girls will meet with missionaries and ministry representatives, and children can take their ‘passports’ to get stamped as they visit and learn about missions.”

The 2021 ACC theme is “I AM,” based on Jesus’ seven “I am” statements in the Gospel of John.

While summer camps across the country were not able to meet in 2020 due to the pandemic, there is growing excitement in Oklahoma and beyond about the 2021 camp season and what God will do through this ministry.

For a complete schedule and more information about ACC 2021, visit accok.org.