DAVIS—The moment will not be soon forgotten by those attending Rewired Men’s Conference, April 29-30, at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center.

More than 700 men sang acapella during a moment of the praise band losing power, resulting in a powerful Rewired moment.

With more than 700 men participating in worship through song in the Friday night session, the praise band’s instruments could not be heard, as the stage lost power. However, this not did cause Seth Garrett, worship pastor at Coweta, Community, and the praise band from halting worship.

On the contrary, everyone kept singing acapella “How marvelous, how wonderful is my Savior’s love for me,” and other verses of the cherished hymn. And many did stand amazed.

“It’s one of my favorite Rewired moments, and I’ve had a few,” Bubba Burcham said.

As Rewired program director and men’s ministry consultant for Oklahoma Baptists, Burcham knew that the whole weekend event would provide great moments of fellowship and spiritual nurturing, but this occurrence turned into a highlight.

“Power to the instruments went out, but we just kept rolling,” he said. “We heard the power of men’s voices that was coming through so strongly. There’s so much power to it.”

Rewired speakers ‘dig deep’ on challenging messages

“We must be willing to dig deep and build on the rock that can never be moved,” said Adam Mask, pastor of Coweta, Community, who briefly spoke in the opening session Friday afternoon. Mask pointed out the theme of Rewired which was “Dig Deep,” emphasizing the work men should do in their lives, focusing on Jesus, while being leaders of their families and in their local churches.

Abraham Wright, teaching pastor at Bethany, Council Road, was the main speaker in the opening session Friday afternoon and spoke on David writing Psalm 57 from a cave while hiding from Saul.

Wright concluded with a Gospel challenge. “Jesus dying on the cross is proof to the entire world that God does really love you,” he said. “Take sin seriously. Will you take your sin seriously and come to Jesus?”

Jeremy Pryor speaks on the importance of family structure.

Christian speaker and businessman Jeremy Pryor spoke on how the structure of a modern family is not what God intended the family structure to be originally. He said God wants the family to be “a multi-generational team on mission,” and encouraged fathers to be coaches of their families.

“Don’t be ashamed to lead your family,” Pryor said. “We are in the worst epidemic of fatherlessness that the world has ever seen. This is a deeply spiritual problem.”

Jeremy and Caleb Freeman shared the story of Caleb’s car wreck four years ago causing him to experience severe injuries yet progressed miraculously. Jeremy, pastor of Newcastle, First, said Caleb is a rare combination of contentment and real motivation.

Caleb and Jeremy Freeman share how Caleb has progressed since his car wreck.

Both Jeremy and Caleb shared how the statement “but God” has been a key emphasis throughout this experience, claiming how Caleb’s life was not supposed to improve after the accident put him in a coma state. Caleb shared clearly how God had a different plan for him.

“My doctor said, ‘Caleb will never walk again. Caleb will never eat again. Caleb will never talk again,’” he explained, “and every single time God has provided me the ability. And now people are able to see all of my life ‘but God has the final say.’”

Caleb graduated from high school in 2020 and graduated in May from Rose State College with his associate’s degree. They continue to travel and share Caleb’s story and see God do incredible things.

Todd Fisher spoke on seeking truth and how Christians must rely on Scripture as the source of truth.

The Saturday morning session featured Todd Fisher and Shane Pruitt as speakers. Fisher, executive director-treasurer of Oklahoma Baptists, shared a similar message he delivered during the women’s retreat the previous weekend on seeking truth and how Christians must rely on Scripture as the source of truth.

“By a secular scientist’s own criteria, the most reliable book that has ever existed in the history of the world is in my hands,” Fisher said holding his Bible.

Pruitt, who serves as the Next Gen evangelism director for the North American Mission Board, preached from Acts 5:27-42 and challenged Rewired attendees to pursue a movement of God, just like the disciples of Jesus.

Shane Pruitt challenged men to pursue a movement of God, just like the disciples of Jesus.

“The greatest thing we need to talk about is the Gospel of Jesus Christ because I believe when men fall head over heels in love with Jesus, and He becomes their real King, and they go full on in obedience, they’re not going to want to do anything to bring shame to their King,” Pruitt said.

What they said about Rewired

“I think the content was timely for men and especially fathers,” said Kevin Chartney, pastor of Muskogee, First. “As we know, the institution of the family is disintegrating as we speak, and to come here and be encouraged by men of the faith through the Word on what our high calling is as men and fathers is refreshing and challenging. We’ve got to be ready for the times we are in. Men all over the place need to hear what was shared this weekend. This is why Rewired matters.”

“I love the momentum Rewired creates,” said Kenny Mossman, pastor of Carnegie, First. “We leave Falls Creek with a renewed energy to pursue Christ and serve others, and we do so with the assurance that comes from worshipping with our brothers. Those are powerful outcomes. This isn’t an annual box to check, it’s an important event that God is most certainly using to His glory.”