Believing God uses personal stories to impact His bigger story, the BGCO Women’s Office will host a special session at the upcoming State Evangelism Conference.

The morning session begins at 9 a.m., Tues., Jan. 26, at Del City, First Southern. Continental breakfast will be served prior to the session, which will be held in the church’s gymnasium.

Featured speakers include Rachael Jackson, founder of Shattered magazine, Amy Aduddell, and Laci Tompkins.

Worship will be led by the Annie Moses Band.

Tompkins is an upbeat communicator who has a passion for the Lord and His word. She has coached basketball and softball at the collegiate level for 16 years and currently lives in Carnegie where she is involved at Carnegie, First.

Aduddells’ journey has been filled with many opportunities to be brave, including the loss of her sister to a drunken driver. She has shared the story of her journey, challenging women’s groups to be brave for Christ with whatever experiences, gifts, and talents they possess. She has been privileged to share the Gospel through her art locally and across the world.

Jackson is a West Point graduate, former Army Captain, and Apache helicopter pilot. Because of her life story, she is seriously passionate about sharing the love of Christ and the power found in a relationship with Him. She is also passionate about her kids, her husband Shane, and enjoying each day with as much coffee as possible. She lives in Nashville, Tenn.

The first 300 women to attend the Tuesday morning session will receive a complimentary copy of the printed version of Shattered magazine.

“For the past couple of years, we have recorded our sessions at the State Evangelism Conference, and they have been a great source of training and encouragement as we equip women to tell their stories,” said Kelly King, BGCO Women’s Specialist. “Rachael’s story is especially compelling and anyone who attends, man or woman, will be encouraged at God’s pursuit of her life.”

There is no cost to attend the State Evangelism Conference, but you are asked to register for this event at Childcare is available, but reservations are required. For general conference information, visit the SEC website.