On Tuesday morning, Jan. 30 at SEC, attendees will be able to select breakouts to attend beginning at 9 a.m. Session one concludes at 10:15 a.m. and session two is 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Those who wish to attend SEC are encouraged to register ahead of time by visiting www.sec.okbaptist.com/registration.

The following breakout sessions are offered:

Don Wilton

// Preaching for a verdict

Don Wilton, senior pastor of Spartanburg, S.C., First and president of “Encouraging the Word” will lead one such breakout session titled “Preaching for a verdict.” Wilton is often referred to as “Billy Graham’s pastor” due to weekly meetings between the world-renown evangelist and Wilton. Wilton’s breakout session will discuss that “preaching that is void of Jesus Christ and His crucifixion is not Christian preaching.” Wilton will speak about rightly-dividing-the-Word-of-Truth preaching, and how preaching that “always makes a bee-line for the cross,” quoting Charles Spurgeon, is the most effective form of preaching.

Art Hallett

// Prison EE

The National Director of Prison Ministries for Evangelism Explosion, Art Hallett, will lead a breakout session called “Prison EE—A proven pre and post release prison ministry plan.” The breakout session will consist of a motivational prison ministry workshop designed and tailored to give instruction in implementation of Prison EE in prisons and local jails. During this breakout, Hallett will cover the topics: The secret to power in prison ministry; How to strengthen an existing prison ministry or implement Prison EE’s Fresh Start curriculum; How to teach non-readers plus other training tactics and post-release assistance to the local church.

David Burton

// Share Jesus with

David Burton is another breakout session speaker. Burton is an evangelist at David Burton Ministries, and will lead a breakout on how to boldly and with great confidence share Jesus with others. His session will be “an energy filled, fast paced training where attendees will see and learn why they must use ‘multiple entry points’ to sharing Jesus.” Burton says that an individual that desires to be a strong witness of Jesus must always be flexible and remain sensitive to the process of relational, bridge building and intentionality of sharing Jesus.

Ken Weathersby

// The Next Level

“Taking a church to the next level,” is the title of a breakout session led by Ken Weathersby, the vice president for Convention Advancement on the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. In his breakout session, Weathersby will discuss evangelistic strategies for implementation to assist the local church in making disciples.


James Walker

// Interfaith evangelism

President of Watchman Fellowship James Walker, who specializes in interfaith evangelism, will lead a session at SEC. Mike Napier, personal evangelism specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) said, “Whether your need as a church, as a pastor or an individual is trying to develop talking points with someone who is an atheist, or someone that’s caught up in becoming a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon, and you need talking points that will help create doubt in what they believe, James is your man.”

Daniel Im

// Church planting &

Daniel Im will lead two breakout sessions at SEC, one at 9 a.m. and the other at 10:30 a.m. The first of the two sessions Im will lead is “No Silver Bullets,” which will discuss how a church can become missional. Im will draw from research in his book “No Silver Bullets” to help church leaders develop conviction, culture and construct them in better evangelizing and developing members into a ministry mindset.

Im’s next session, “Multiply!” will teach the six practices of churches that multiply in their first years of existence. The information in this breakout session will help church leaders assess their current church setting and enable them to being to change the multiplication factor in leadership and evangelism.

// Evangelistic Men’s

Cody Bobay


Cody Bobay, fouder of Soulcon Ministries and author of “Soulcon Challenge,” will discuss how to create an on-going evangelistic Men’s Ministry. Bobay says, “As leaders we can easily find ourselves in an event driven schedule. We all know the dangers of this and how overwhelming it can be to keep up. Join us for this breakout to hear how to shift your men’s ministry to an on-going ministry, led by your men and focused on winning souls to Jesus Christ in your community.”

Brian Baldwin

// Effective Gospel conversations

“A very particular set of skills,” is a breakout session led by BGCO Student Evangelism and Missions Specialist, Brian Baldwin. In his session, Baldwin will talk about how youth leaders and students should be all about rescuing the lost from their evil captors. Those that attend this session will learn to equip teenagers with the “very particular set of skills” needed to have effective Gospel conversations about Jesus Christ.

Randy Lind

// Worship & evangelism

Randy Lind, BGCO Worship and Music Ministries specialist will lead the session called. “Worship and Evangeslim: Like peanut butter and jelly.” Lind will answer the question, “Are worship and evangelism exclusive or do they fit perfectly together?” In this session, evangelism through worship and worship through evangelism will be the main focus. “I think the two go together, period. Separating them should not happen because you’re doing a huge injustice when you separate worship and evangelism,” said Napier.

Matt Tyson

// The Gospel in everyday life

Matt Tyson, executive director of One Conversation will lead a session called, “Can we talk?” In this breakout, Tyson will help reignite a passion for a Gospel conversation by challenging and training pastors to equip people to proclaim the message of the Gospel in their everyday lives.

Wade Taylor

// Youth sports with evangelistic impact

Those involved or looking to become involved in Upward Sports ministries can look forward to Wade Taylor’s breakout session about Upward Sports: Play with a purpose. Taylor is the regional representative for the recreation division and will discuss how being an Upward Sports partner will increase evangelistic impact, regardless of the church size. This will be a session where attendees can learn how their church can utilize sports, which 95 percent of Americans participate in, or read or talk about weekly, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jim Burkett

// Apologetics &
defending the faith

Apologetics will be the focus of Jim Burkett’s session. In “Evidence-Based Christianity,” the President of Foundation Ministries International and Director of Apologetics-on-fire will discuss how an apologetics presentation in France resulted in evangelism and a national awakening in Great Britain.

Chris Finley

// Reaching the unreached in your community

Chris Finley, a Baptist Village Communities chaplain will teach about reaching an unreached people group in one’s own community. Finley will provide facts and tools about how to build and equip ministry teams through the local church to develop a vibrant and evangelistic strategy when it comes to meeting the spiritual needs of the aging and those who serve them as employees. “What we see is that the majority of people that work at those assisted living communities are not active in a church, because of their shift work or other reasons,” said Napier.

“That is a huge way to step up through serving evangelism whether that is changing their oil, offering backpacks to their kids, creating a mother’s day out or a parents night out just for the employees, that’s a huge mission field.”

// Other breakout sessions

Jim Steward and Lester Vogler of Evangelism Explosion (EE) will conduct an EE session that will provide those who attend with the understanding that EE is a seven week process in the church, and that it provides those that lead people to Christ with an easy way to disciple and follow up with them.

Patty Webb, Ministry Coordinator for Deaf EE in America will lead a session called “Way of Life Witnessing” which will introduce attendees to a way of sharing their faith with those who are deaf. Those who attend will learn how to start a spiritual conversation and get permission to share before using Scripture and stories to explain the Gospel.

Other notable breakout sessions attendees should visit at SEC include “Church Renewal Weekend” led by Doug Passmore of Lawton, First East. Bennie Hasha will conduct “Inside Out,” which will focus on how the church needs to evaluate seriously the crucial part that child evangelism plays in accomplishing the task of world evangelism. The Oklahoma Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists will also host a session on fulfilling the Great Commission.

An American Sign Language Interpreter will be available for the hearing impaired at SEC.