I have become somewhat familiar with Christopher Hitchens who is considered one of the most prominent and recognizable atheist in the world today. I did not however know that he had a brother who once was an ardent atheist himself, but has now returned to Christianity. He is set to release a book on June 1, 2010 called The Rage Against God; How Atheism Led Me to Faith. You can watch the trailer above to get a taste of the content of the book, but in short it appears that Peter Hitchens tells about his return to “faith” while also interacting with the “New Atheism” that his brother so zealously believes in and advocates.

You can also read an article called, How I Found God and Peace with My Atheist Brother; Peter Hitchens Traces His Journey Back to Christianity, which gives more detail concerning the expanded content that will be in the book.

I have previously written twice about “New Atheism” for the “Insight Blog” and have considered that I might be giving its proponents too much thought and credit, but I still maintain that Christopher Hitchens and his fellow atheists must be taken seriously. This seems especially obvious to me when I reflect on the reported aggressiveness and growth of atheism and agnosticism in the United States. As an ardent believer in Jesus Christ, I am glad that someone so close to atheism, like Peter Hitchens in our day and C.S. Lewis in days past, can comment about this challenge to faith in an age of skepticism.