Guest: Dr. William Dembski

If God is good, why is there evil in the world? This one question has done more to undo belief in God among countless thousands of people – especially those who have seen the horrors this life can truly bring. Those who have lived through earthquakes; experienced the Asian tsunamis, survived Auschwitz and the Killing Fields; even to the recent murders at Fort Hood; Those who have buried a child; felt the sting of injustice – those who have, like all humans, encountered real evil in the world – wonder if God is there – if God is good – and if Christianity is true.

To address such questions head-on is a mathematician, a theologian, and a scientist – Dr. William Dembski. Internationally known as a paradigmatic figure in the world of science – particularly as he has advanced the theory of intelligent design regarding the creation of the world in contrast to Darwinian evolution – Dr. Dembski has authored a new book – The End of Christianity: Finding a Good God in an Evil World.

Guest for this podcast:

Dr. William Dembski, is the Research Professor of Philosophy at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Senior Fellow with the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture in Seattle, WA.

Part I
The New Atheists – Do they have a point?; If God is all powerful, why
does evil exist?; Is God really in control?; Evil and God’s providence
– the connection; The END of Christianity – What does this mean?; The
Cross of Jesus Christ – why bother?; Was the cross necessary?


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Part II
Why did the Fall take place?; When did the Fall take place?; Is there
a link between “natural evil” and personal human sin?; An old-earth
theory of the Fall; If God knows the outcome, why pray at all?; God’s
perspective of time and why it matters.


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