For the past two years I have been keeping a blog entitled “Fitting the Pieces” (you can read my introduction to that blog here).  As that introductory blog post indicated, my desire in creating the blog was to aid in the cultivation of a Christian worldview (or, even better, a Christian consciousness).  As such, I wrote about a variety of subjects (news, pop culture, books, music, and sports) and sought to understand them in light of the Kingship of Christ.  In this way, I sought to “fit the pieces.”  I also regularly linked articles, posts, and other materials that aid in that same goal.  And, finally, there was some posting that was largely frivolous (like this post and this one).

While I now occupy a newer (and busier) corner of cyberspace, the goal of this blog is the same.  Thanks for reading, and commenting—I will most certainly read the comments but, due to time restraints, will not be able to reply to all comments.