Dear Faithful Baptist Messenger reader,

Since 1912, the Baptist Messenger has been informing, inspiring and connecting Oklahoma Baptists, as we seek to advance the Gospel together.

While the mission and message of our publication has remained the same through the years, the presentation of it has adapted and changed through the decades.

Today marks a new era for the print edition of the Baptist Messenger—a full color monthly magazine format! The Baptist Messenger, as the flagship publication for Oklahoma Baptists, has sought to shine the light on all God is doing for all these decades.

With this edition, the Baptist Messenger print edition is being reintroduced as a monthly magazine, instead of a tabloid newspaper. Check out a digital version here.

In addition to this print publication, we still offer a breaking news website (, a Messenger Mobile app, a weekly podcast program, Spanish language articles, an award-winning blog and more.

Take a few moments to see the new Messenger magazine. You will find the articles and content you have come to know and love—such as Walker Moore’s column and the crossword puzzle.

The magazine will feature inspiring articles and photos, prayer points and features and more.

Thanks to the leadership of Oklahoma Baptists, including our executive director and board of directors, this change to a magazine format will save tens of thousands of dollars a year in postage alone, money which will be invested in missions and ministry here in Oklahoma.

This monthly magazine will arrive to your mailbox each month at no out-of-pocket costs to you, Oklahoma Baptists. Once you are through reading it, please pass it along to a friend, or leave it in a place others can enjoy it and hear about the Gospel.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new format of the Messenger magazine, along with all of the other content and stories available at any hour of the day. It’s a joy to serve Jesus with you.

In Christ alone.