“Our tools were three star drills, a sledge, two shovels, two picks, one grubbing hoe and a wheelbarrow. … Under dad’s supervision we learned the art of drilling then blasting—our main trouble?—only three star drills and no money to buy more. It fell to me to hike in to Dougherty, a town on the Santa Fe about six or seven miles away, to have the drills resharpened about every other day as we could find no blacksmith any closer…We must have drilled over 250 holes and blasted through the limestone ledges to make these three cuts and fills. After three months of back-breaking labor, we finally had the rough part done, needing only to clear the right of way of small brush, debris, and a few large trees.” (Sights and Sounds of Falls Creek by J.M. Gaskin)

In the previous paragraph, J.B. Rounds, Jr. was explaining the struggle of building the road into Falls Creek. The task was long and laborious, but the final result allowed for the camp to begin in 1917.

Current improvements to Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center are no less labor intensive. One hundred workers are finishing the Jordan Welcome Center, Thompson Family Lodge and Mathena Family Event Center with much-improved tools than the ones J.B. Rounds, Jr. used. The construction changes to the campus because of the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign (FCCC) are not being undertaken by us individually. Still, we do have the opportunity to participate personally in the process.

Our tools: You have tools to help. The tools you possess can make an immediate difference now and for the future. Let me suggest some tools you have at your disposal.

Your financial gift: Making a donation to the FCCC will help complete the project in a timely fashion, and a bonus to your gift is that the Downing Matching Fund will equal what you give to the campaign, dollar for dollar, up to the Downing’s $2.3 million pledge.

Your influence: Your influence and encouragement to a friend, family member or church will go a long way in assisting the FCCC. Sharing your influence to inspire financial gifts from others is needed as we approach the 100th anniversary of Falls Creek and seek to do so debt free.

Your time: Take some time and bring someone to Falls Creek for an event. That person’s life could be changed for eternity. Use the environment of the camp itself. You have the privilege to be a part of a premier Christian camp. When people come to Falls Creek, they are blown away that a Christian camp of this size and beauty exists.

Your Falls Creek story: You, a family member or your church all have a Falls Creek story. Share the story with someone—the amazing story of two men listening to God and sharing with others their passion for souls to come to know Jesus. Peak someone’s interest and even if they can’t go to Falls Creek, they will be blessed by what has happened there in your life.

Your prayers: Prayer is a powerful tool. Since Rounds and Moorer prayed for the first time at Falls Creek under a strand of trees and asked God to reveal His will for the camp, prayer has been the foundation of Falls Creek.

Please decide today to use the tools you have to complete the FCCC journey so that many more souls will be saved because you used all your tools to build a road to bring someone to Jesus.

Contact Marty Harkey for more information about your gift for the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign at 405/516-4868, mharkey@bgco.org, or toll free at 800/690-6933.