It happened again recently, my 7-year- old diabetic daughter experienced an insulin reaction that dropped her blood sugar to extremely low levels. Only the Lord knows what the outcome may have been had some very unusual circumstances not altered the course of events.

Like most people, I was in deep sleep at three o’clock in the morning. My dreams were interrupted with the sound of shattered glass. As you can imagine, I jumped to my feet ready to investigate the cause and defend my family against any would-be intruder.

Not sure what I might find, I carefully made my way throughout the house like a police officer tracking a villain in an abandoned warehouse. My heart raced in anticipation of what I might find, or worse, have to encounter. Each of my checkpoints proved normal. No broken windows. No doors ajar. All the vehicles were untouched.

Was the sound of broken glass only a highlight from an action packed dream? My suspicions were not satisfied. I had experienced similar events in recent months. On each occasion the interruption to sleep had been well worth it.

Late on another evening, one of two table lamps began flickering on its own. Upon investigation, the socket and bulb for the flickering lamp were determined to be in solid working order. On another day, during the early morning hours, our intercom system developed an unprecedented high-volume static which served as an unexpected alarm clock. The source for the disturbance could not be identified. However, following each incident I was compelled to check my daughter’s blood sugar levels in the middle of the night. Each time she was experiencing an unusual insulin reaction threatening her well being.

So what was the source for the sound of shattered glass on this particular night? Was I dreaming? Tired and in pursuit of the joys found only in rapid eye movement, I was near the end of my investigation when I noticed a broken plate in our kitchen sink. Apparently, a glass bottle fell from the counter top and into the sink breaking a plate and ultimately gaining my attention. The message finally got through. I needed to check on my daughter. You guessed it. She was having another atypical insulin reaction.

Were these curious events signs of a guardian angel working the late-night shift on behalf of my daughter? Were they simply circumstantial or clearly supernatural? One thing is for sure, these episodes were becoming anything but normal. From my vantage point, a certain pattern has developed. These are signs of the divine. I will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusion.

While we can’t explain why the Lord has not yet healed our daughter from an ugly disease, one thing is explainable: He is at work in our lives in more ways than one. The words from a favorite Christian song come to mind. “All night, all day, angels watching over me, my Lord.”