We were up early in order to beat the traffic. Our heads were a little cloudy, but the java would soon have us juiced. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but we were on time and ready to take on the day.

We were two of several who would be attending a special board meeting at Falls Creek. Spending some windshield time with an old friend is always good, especially when your discussion focuses on the spiritual side of life.

As we headed south toward the Red River, we caught up on family, friends and life in general. Interesting enough, our discussion moved from casual conversation to a serious discussion about the brevity of life, fulfilling our purpose and our desire to end strong.

It had been several years since my friend’s teenage nephew had been nearly killed as a passenger in a tragic car accident. The young driver of the vehicle didn’t survive. It was obvious that memories from that horrible day lingered in the mind of my friend.

Our escape plan was working. We were clipping along the interstate with arrival to our destination well within sight, when out of the corner of our eyes we saw what nearly put us both into shock.

In a matter of seconds an out-of-control automobile went from our peripheral vision to gaining our full attention as it was heading straight for us. Apparently the driver of the oncoming vehicle had fallen asleep and found himself sliding sideways at least 70 M.P.H. down the median and straight toward oncoming traffic.

Our hearts missed a beat as it became clear we would avoid danger, but unless something miraculous happened, a multi-car accident was imminent. Surprisingly, as if touched by angels or by the hand of God, the out-of-control traveler came to a smooth stop just a few inches from a huge metal pole. Without intervention the vehicle would have certainly been cut in half. Needless to say, we were more than wide-awake. Our conversation on life and death was now complete with visual aids in living color.

Each of our days is numbered. Someday, our number will inevitably come up and often times without warning. King Hezekiah was on his deathbed when God’s messenger, Isaiah, informed him that he would not survive.

The king wasn’t excited about the news. He broke down and wept bitterly and prayed for an extension. The Lord listened, and he was given 15 more years of life.

How his perspective on life must have changed. Don’t you know he made every day count? He had 5,475 days to live. He had been put on notice. He was on a countdown to eternity. The Bible says King Hezekiah had a reputation for doing what was pleasing in God’s sight.

How about you? Would you live differently knowing your days were numbered? Consider this your notice. Today was an extension. Your countdown to eternity has begun. Will your life be one considered pleasing in God’s sight? The choice is yours. Think about it the next time you have some windshield time alone with God. Where will the road you are traveling take you? Will you find Him at your final destination?