It is a simple task. One that even a monkey can do. Peeling a banana is easy. But perhaps you are like me and never considered optional ways to get to the middle of one of the world’s most famous jungle fruits.

Optional peeling techniques for the potassium-packed staple food of the tropics was brought to my attention as I traveled the back roads of Armenia in an SUV full of missionaries and nationals.

Hungry and in need of a stretch, we decided to make a pit stop at a fruit stand and load up on the bright yellow and black striped treats. With bananas in hand, the Americans grabbed the top of their bananas and peeled away. The Armenians held their bananas with the stems down, pinched the reverse end of the banana and peeled back nature’s wrapper to reveal the heart of the fruit. It was obvious we shared a love for bananas, but our perspectives on how to handle the packaging was on opposite ends of the, should I say, banana!

“Your banana is upside down,” I announced to my friend from Armenia.

“No, your banana is upside down,” she protested.

“You peeled your banana from the wrong end,” I proclaimed.

“Your way is more difficult,” she insisted.

I have enjoyed bananas in my cereal, floated bananas in ice cream, dipped bananas in chocolate and added them to my peanut butter sandwich. But never, ever, not even once in all my years had I even thought of peeling a banana from any angle other than from the stem.

I ate my banana and reached for another. This time I employed the Armenian technique. To my amazement, my friend was right. I had often struggled to peel the perfect banana with my approach. I estimate that at least 10 percent of my banana peels blow out and I end up with a stem in one hand and an unpeeled banana in the other. But using the Armenian peeling method, not one of my banana peels failed. Plus, I found with the stem at the bottom my banana had a more ergo-dynamic feel about. I assured my Armenian friends that I was going to do my best to introduce America to their superior banana-peeling technique.

So there you have it. My promise has been kept. I have done my best to introduce the world to the wiser, Armenian banana-peeling technique. You can’t stand it, can you? I can see it now, thousands of readers jumping to their feet, running to the kitchen determined to peel away.

As you dare to attempt something new with something you have held in your hand for so long, remember to apply the banana principle to other areas of your life. As you peel away old ideals, you are often rewarded with a better and wiser way! Sounds a lot like Proverbs 11:2 to me, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” Humble yourself and then go peel away at a higher level!