Djogan Huang is one of the church leaders of Norman, Southern Oklahoma Chinese. He shares in one of the videos promoting the 2016 Oklahoma State Missions Offering (SMO) that, because of the busy schedules of the church leadership, it is hard for them to find the education and mentorship that is needed to effectively shepherd their flock.

SMO supports the Robert Haskins School of Christian Ministry, which provides the proper education and mentoring that Huang and others need.

“We felt like there was a large group of pastors and local church leaders in ethnic congregations who were simply not being prepared by institutional programs. So we created the Haskins School for them,” said Mark McClellan, dean of the Haskins School. “We’re combining excellent practical training, using online technologies with local mentors, so we can use the very best instructors to give spiritual formation to our students. We envision a program that can be flexible, practical, biblical and make it available to these pastors at a very affordable rate.”

The video continues with Huang sharing how the Haskins School better equips church leaders like himself who have the opportunity to connect with many International students who enroll in the state universities. Churches like Norman, Southern Oklahoma Chinese have the opportunity to share the Gospel with these students, reaching them for Christ.

“When they go back to the countries they are coming from, they can reach a lot of peoples that normally are hard to reach,” Huang said.

This is one of four videos available for churches to share with their congregations. Visit for access to all videos, as well as other offering resources for churches.