A simple “thank you” is one of the easiest and most practical ways we can love one another. It communicates this message: I see you, and I am grateful for you.

August is Ministry Wives Appreciation Month for Oklahoma Baptists. It’s a time to be intentional about showing appreciation to the women who support their husbands and serve their church in the unique ways God has gifted them.

During this pandemic and COVID-era, ministers have had to rewrite the script on how to do church. Each community has its own set of needs and challenges to navigate around. Ministers have worked hard and stayed late, dealt with criticisms and opinions and had to shoulder unexplainable stressors. It has impacted them as well as their families. A simple “thank you” can be just the infusion of appreciation to refresh their purpose and passion.

Here are a few suggestions about saying “thank you”:

  • “Thank you” can never be received if it isn’t shared. If you are grateful, take a moment and say “thank you.”
  • “Thank you” should not be a lead-in to share advice or your own opinion. “Thank you for…but I think you should…”
  • “Thank you” should not be used to manipulate or manage their opinion of you.
  • “Thank you” can stand alone. It is enough to say “Thank you for… all you do to love our church and serve the Lord.”

It’s true; Oklahoma Baptists have so many wonderful and appreciative churches—churches full of people who love and say “thank you” regularly. It’s a beautiful thing to see God’s people unite and love each other as He has called us to love.

Saying “thank you” is one way to appreciate the wives of your ministers. Other examples include sending a gift card “just for her” to get a coffee or ice cream, delivering a back-to-school survival kit if she is a mother of young children, shipping a book or Bible study to her doorstep, or collecting money for a restaurant gift card for takeout one night, so she won’t have to cook dinner.

Another way to show appreciation is to gift them with the opportunity to attend the weekend away the Oklahoma Baptists plan each year for ministry wives. This year, the event will be on Sept, 25-26 at Oklahoma City, Northwest. The cost of the event is $50 and registration is now open. For more details, visit oklahomabaptists.com/women/ministry-wives.

Cheer on your ministers and their families and think outside the box of how you can appreciate them. Let’s foster a culture of appreciation for those who lead and serve our churches.