Several years ago, I was preaching a revival in rural Arkansas. The young pastor, music evangelist and I had been enjoying a wonderful meal at the home of one of the members when all of a sudden we realized we were going to be late for church.

Quickly, we loaded into the preacher’s car, and began speeding toward the church building. It was a small church on a gravel road, and I already was nervous with the speed in which we were traveling, when all of a sudden, the pastor locked down the brakes. A cloud of dust enveloped the car, and we sat there wondering what had just happened, when the pastor said, “did you see that?”

Well, I had seen my life pass before my eyes, but I wasn’t sure what he had seen, so I said, “No what was it?” He said, “That man!”

Sure enough, behind us was a home with an elderly man standing in the yard. The pastor told us that he had been trying to catch that man at home to share the Gospel with him for months. He began turning the car around when I reminded him we were late for church. He emphatically responded, ”They will have to wait, because we ARE going to share the Gospel with this man!”

Once we had made our introductions, the pastor began sharing the Gospel. However, there was this fur ball with a yapper inside running circles around us. The man could hear the pastor, so I looked up to Heaven and said this prayer in my heart. “DEAR GOD, PLEASE SHUT THIS DOG UP!” 

As soon as my words had been uttered in prayer, that silly dog STOPPED barking.  I then got a warm wet feeling that ran from my ankle to my foot.  I learned right then, that when I pray, I need to be specific in what I’m asking the Lord to do.

The Connect>1 3151 plan has helped me be specific in my prayer for the lost who are in my realm of relationships. I made my list of 3 people who I would begin praying for their salvation; I learned the “1 Great God” tool for sharing the Gospel; I invited 5 to Sunday School; and I have shared the Gospel with more than 1 on my list.

I have been amazed at the ways in which God has answered my prayers concerning the 3 people on my list.  I couldn’t have opened the doors of opportunity that God has opened for me with these three individuals. None of them have accepted Christ into their lives yet, but I stand amazed at the ways God has given me to share with these 3.

I want to encourage you to develop your list of 3 people you will begin to pray for and specifically for their salvation. You will be amazed at the ways God will give you opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

Remember His promise: “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  (James 5:16b)