“Oklahoma Baptists advancing the Gospel together” is more than a motto; it is our mission. When you give to the Edna McMillan Oklahoma State Missions Offering (SMO), you are participating in the revitalization of struggling churches around our state. You are engaging in meeting the needs of people who are struggling in life, and you are coming along side those who have experienced a loss in their life.

SMO allows Oklahoma Baptists to partner with local associations to meet regional needs as well as with churches to meet individual needs. Together we can shine “The Light” into the darkness. John 1:5 tells us, “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

SMO is a tangible way in which Oklahoma Baptists embrace brokenness. Oklahoma Baptists have a long history of stepping into areas of brokenness and meeting needs—all to advance the Gospel. In fact, that is the very heart of this offering.  SMO is an expression of the common bond we have in Christ and the common missions we have, to advance the Gospel in our state.

Looking at Matt. 25: 35-40, we see that Jesus used feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, caring for the stranger, clothing the needy, caring for the sick and visiting the imprisoned as expressions of fulfilling our mission not only to those in need but also to Christ Himself. Through SMO, we do all these things and more.

Last year, Oklahoma Baptists partnered with many of our churches to feed hungry children while schools were closed. During this time, children couldn’t adequately get their nutritional needs met. Along with feeding the students, Oklahoma Baptists contributed an additional $120,000 dollars to feeding the hungry in our state through our normal ministries that provide food for them.

Along with feeding the hungry, we have cared for the strangers in our midst. People from all over the world are coming to Oklahoma for education and employment. We are striving to meet needs in their lives, as well as sharing the Gospel with them.  One way we do that is through our Baptist Collegiate Ministries, as they serve and care for international students on their campuses.  Some of these students will return home after their education and will take the Gospel with them because they responded to the Gospel at a BCM Bible study.

Chaplains that have been trained and equipped through the Oklahoma Baptists Chaplains ministry serve in hospitals and prisons to care for the sick and visit the imprisoned. Each year, our presence in these two areas results in the advancement of the Gospel, as hundreds respond to the Gospel while being ministered to by a chaplain. As we have served the “least of these” we have served the Lord Himself, according to the Matt. 25:40.

Let me encourage you to PRAY for the brokenness in your community. SHARE the State Missions Offering videos with your church during church gatherings and on your social media outlets.  PLAN to stand shoulder to shoulder with Oklahoma Baptists to embrace brokenness in our state. SUPPORT the SMO by giving to the offering where 100 percent goes to meet needs in our state and advance the Gospel.

Your participation will have a Kingdom impact! Visit oklahomabaptists.org/smo for more information.