Editor’s Note: The Baptist Messenger received articles Walker Moore submitted before his passing on June 26, including this column. Look for other columns in the coming weeks, as well as from the archives in the future.

As the first hot day welcomed us to a new season, the Moore family initiated the rite of passage into summertime by breaking out the Yada Hoodies’ 10-foot-by-30-inch swimming pool. You find these little pools in backyards all across America. They are easy to set up and even easier to tear down.

In case you don’t know, the Yada Hoodies are our three grandchildren: 9-year-old Titus the Honorable, 7-year-old Cohen the Goodhearted and 4-year-old River the Peacemaker. Last month, they came bursting through our front door asking just one crucial question: “Is there water in the pool?”

“Yes, and you can go get in,” Grammy told them. Without even taking time for one of her famous snacks, they ran out the back door and jumped into the pool.

The water hadn’t warmed up yet, so before long, we had three blue-skinned boys. “Iiiiiiiiitttt’s nottttt sooo ccccold,” they told us as they shivered and shook. Grammy made them get out of the pool and dry off; she had our lunch spread out in the warm sun.

As we were eating, a tiny baby sparrow came fluttering over our heads and dropped like a stone into the pool. Flapping its wings and beating the water, the poor little thing was drowning. Grammy got up to grab a net from the shed, and our three little boys stared in horror as we all watched the little bird fighting for its life.

Suddenly, Titus the Honorable jumped into the pool and rushed toward the sparrow. As he got closer, he paused and looked back at me. “He’s not going to hurt you,” I said.

Without any further hesitation, he scooped up the little bird and laid it on the deck of the swimming pool. Stroking its tiny head, he spoke in hushed tones: “You’re going to be all right.”

The bird didn’t move. Titus ran over to grab a tiny piece of cracker, which he laid in front of the baby bird. “It’s scared,” he told me.

For the next hour, we watched the little bird sitting there until, flapping its wings against the deck, it took flight in one long swoosh. It left behind one Poppy, one Grammy and three little boys, now jumping up and down with joy.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care” (Matt. 10:29).

Titus the Honorable, I am proud of you for seeing a need and moving to meet it. God cares for the sparrows, and He cares for you. In fact, your actions showed one of the ways He cares for those in need: He uses His children to represent Him.

There are many in this world who are frail, faltering and dropping like stones right in front of us. My prayer for you and your brothers is that you will grow up to become men who represent Him to many — and move to meet the needs of the least of these.