The Rewired Men’s Conference is returning this year to Falls Creek Conference Center on Saturday, April 24, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Like many events last year, Rewired was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference this year will take place as a one-day event, and Bubba Burcham believes Rewired will have an impact on men.

“I just love what happens at Rewired,” said Burcham who serves as Oklahoma Baptists’ men’s ministries consultant and Rewired program director. “Men do business with what God puts upon their hearts. We believe we have a strong conference built to where we can get the message that God wants to get out there.”

This year’s Rewired offers different options for churches and individuals. Men can attend the conference in person at Falls Creek and have the full day experience for $65, or $50 for students. Rewired also offers digital passes, allowing men to gather with other men and watch Rewired online. More information on digital passes can be found at Deadline to register is April 5.

“We are seeing a lot of excitement of men getting together at Falls Creek,” Burcham said. “There will still be fishing and outdoor fun and the opportunity to be on the grounds at Falls Creek.

“We are also seeing churches using this as an opportunity for men to gather through the digital passes,” he continued. “This could be five men in a living room or 50 men at a church, but it’s a time to gather with brothers in Christ who you do life with.”

This year’s theme for Rewired is “The Three,” focusing on the importance of having a strong bond among a small group of other Christian men.

“Prov. 17:17 says ‘A friend loves at all times; a brother is born for adversity.’ David had his inner circle of ‘the three.’ That’s where it comes from,” Burcham said. “It’s based on the concept that you need friends who will love you when you are unlovable and tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

Burcham said Rewired had “The One” as its theme a few years ago. “Before we focus on ‘the three’ we wanted to focus on ‘The One,’ who is Jesus,” he said, describing the theme process at Rewired and placing the priority of putting Jesus first before emphasizing the importance of having a small group of men for support and accountability.

“We need those friends around us and those brothers who will be there for us,” he said.

Rewired will feature four key speakers this year. Mark Richt was the head football coach at the University of Georgia for 15 years and at the University of Miami, his alma mater, for five years.

“I’m a college football nut, so I’m excited that Coach Richt is coming,” Burcham said. “I’ve heard his story how he came to know Jesus through Bobby Bowden (retired coach at Florida State University) who we had (at Rewired) a couple of years ago. This is a legacy of a Gospel-loving coach influencing many young athletes through the years.”

Mike Keahbone is a Falls Creek favorite speaker. He currently is in his first year as lead pastor of Lawton, First.

“Mike is well-known among Oklahoma Baptists and for sharing the Gospel at many student events,” Burcham said. “The challenging word he will have for men is from his story. It’s an amazing story, and I love hearing how God worked in his life.”

Many Rewired regulars are familiar with Cody Bobay and the ministry he founded, SoulCon. Bobay is currently living in Utah and is CEO of Gibborim Studios, making biblically-based movies.

Author and former NFL player Jonathan Evans also will speak at Rewired. He is the son of well-known Bible speaker and pastor, Tony Evans.

“The apple did not fall far from the tree,” Burcham said about Evans. “I’m excited to hear the challenging message that God has given Jonathan. He always has strong, biblical messages that will encourage men.”

Rewired is expected to have many offerings as the conference has in past years, despite a shortened meeting format. Burcham encourages church leaders to encourage men at their churches to attend and experience similar results from previous Rewired events.

“Men’s Rewired is always a powerful time,” Burcham said. “God has called people to the ministry (while attending Rewired). We’ve seen marriages restored and men coming to know Jesus at Rewired.”