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Exploring the Book of Revelation – Articles & Podcasts

Article: Revelation presents powerful, vibrant, essential message for future 

Podcast: [audio:|titles=Messenger Insight 104 – Mark McClellan]

Article: The Power of FulFilled Prophecy 

Podcast: [audio:|titles=Messenger
Insight 109 – Pastor Wade Burleson]

Article: Amillenialism & Revelation 

Podcast: [audio:|titles=Messenger
Insight 105 – Dr. Ben Merkle]

Article: Historic Premillennialism 

Podcast: [audio:|titles=Messenger
Insight 106- Dr. Alan Bandy]

Article: Revelation: Mysterious, fascinating 

Podcast: [audio:|titles=Messenger
Insight 108 – Dr. Craig Blaising]

Also read this concluding Messenger Insight article from Exploring the Book of Revelation

Brian Hobbs

Author: Brian Hobbs

Brian is editor of The Baptist Messenger.

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